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The Stamps of Palestine 2017


100th Anniversary of Fadwa Touqan 2017

The West Bank government's Palestine Post in Ramallah/al-Bireh is to issue these series of stamps during 2017:
  •   100th Anniversary of Fadwa Touqan (150, 500m, block 1800m) (1.03.2017)
  •   National Flower (سوسن فقوعة/Iris haynei/Faqqu'a Iris/Gilboa Iris) (500mm, block 1500m) (5.04.2017)
  •   National Industries: Stone (8x450m sheetlet) (1.06.2017)
  •   The Dead Sea (2x250m, 2x420m) (17.07.2017)
  •   Palm Trees and Dates (150m, 200m, 500m, block 1500m) (25.08.2017)
  •   World Post Day (500m) (9.10.2017)
  •   Palestinian Teacher's Day (200m, 400, block 1500m) (14.12.2017)


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100th Anniversary of Fadwa Touqan

According to reports the Gaza Ministry has issued on 14.01.2016 a set of stamps commemoratring the 100the anniversary of the birth of poet Fadwa Touqan (فدوى طوقان). She was born in Nablus 1.03.1917, and died 12.12.2003. The two stamps are denominated at 150 and 500 Mils, and a block at 1,800 Mils.

[further information to be added as soon as available]

External links:
  •   Fadwa Touqan (Wikipedia)
  •   Palestine Profiles: Poet Fadwa Tuqan (by Zeina Azzam, Jerusalem Fund for Education & Community Development)
  •   Obituary: Fadwa Tuqan (by Lawrence Joffe, The Guardian, 15.12.2003)

(image courtesy of Palestine Post)

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