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This is the detailed introduction (quick guide) to a series of pages containing the basic chart-records of all 61,092 entries into the UK Singles, the UK Artist Albums, the UK Compilation Albums (1998–2010), the UK Budget Albums (1997–2010), and the UK Download (2004–2006) charts during the seventeen chart years 1994–2010.

There are two basic sets of pages:

  • The CLUK pages provide concise information on all chart entries: Act, Title, Label, Date, Peak, Weeks. These pages are updated once a year.
  • The CE pages provide additional information on chart entries for 1995 and January–June 1996: Catalogue Number details, Points scores & ranks, total Chart Weeks, total sales, plus the complete set of chart positions. These pages are no longer updated.

CLUK 1994–2010 Artist Index

Numerals Various Artists

There is now a compact version of CLUK available: All the CLUK data on a single HTML file, compressed and ready for download: CLUK Compact 1994–2010. I chose RAR as compression utilty and made the file self-extractable. After checking for viruses just double-click, or rename it to .exe in order to run it on a DOS-prompt.

For 2005–2010 there are also compact updates with all CLUK data for these chart years on seperate HTML files: CLUK 2005, CLUK 2006, CLUK 2007, CLUK 2008, CLUK 2009, CLUK 2010, CLUK 2011, and CLUK 2012. Data covers the Top 200/250 Singles and Albums charts, Top 50 Compilations and Budget Albums, and for a time also the Top 40/200 Download chart. Weekly CLUK Updates: 2013, 2014..

More detailed chart information (including week-by-week positions data and year-end charts) is available in the Chartwatch Annuals. They cover the years 1961–1967 and 1983–2009. For more details about downloading the PDFs or ordering the printed booklets please check the Chartwatch Annual Chart Booklets Guide.

Exact coverage details of CLUK and record sales statistics for individual years:
1994, 1995, 1996, 1997, 1998, 1999, 2000, 2001, 2002, 2003, 2004, 2005, 2006, 2007, 2008, 2009, 2010, 2011, and 2012.

Weekly CLUK Updates: 2013, 2014.

There are two primary sources for the UK chart:

  • Music Week: Top 75 Singles & Albums, Top 20 Compilations, Top 20 Downloads, Top 10 genre charts, Top 50 Airplay, &c. (subscription: £225 p.a.)
  • UKChartsPlus: Top 200 Singles & Albums, Top 50 Compilations, Top 200 Downloads, Scotland, Wales, Top 50 Indie, Top 50 Budget albums, Top 40 genre charts, Top 100 Airplay, New Entries spotlight, &c. (subscription: £105 p.a.)

The format of presentation is loosely based on the longstanding David Longbottom model as used in his annual chart summaries as well as Chartwatch's Collectacharts. In some instances I deviate from the established Chartwatch rules for chart analyses (cf. CW 20, p12), so please note the following explanations:

  1. The charts covered in this edition of CLUK are as follows:
      • CIN UK Singles Top 100: 15.01.1994–12.11.1994
      • CIN UK Singles Top 200: 19.11.1994–5.05.2001
      • CIN/OCC UK Singles Top 75+125: 12.05.2001–16.04.2005
      • OCC UK Singles Top 250: 23.04.2005–11.03.2006
      • OCC UK Singles Top 200: 18.03.2006–8.01.2011
      Artist Albums
      • CIN UK Artist Albums Top 100: 15.01.1994–12.11.1994
      • CIN UK Artist Albums Top 150: 19.11.1994–9.11.1996
      • CIN/OCC UK Artist Albums Top 200: 16.11.1996–8.01.2011
      Compilation Albums
      • CIN/OCC UK Compilation Albums Top 50: 10.01.1998–8.01.2011
      Budget Albums
      • CIN UK Budget Albums Top 10: 11.01.1997–15.12.2001
      • CIN/OCC UK Budget Albums Top 50: 22.12.2001–8.01.2011
      • OCC UK Download Top 20: 26.06.2004–4.12.2004
      • OCC UK Download Top 40: 11.12.2004–6.01.2007
      • OCC UK Download Top 200: 15.04.2006–2.09.2006, 11.11.2006–6.01.2007
  2. Publication of the full Top 200 Singles chart stopped in May 2001 with the demise of `Hit Music' magazine. The only singles chart beyond the Top 75 published from then until 2005 is the compressed version:
    ``3.1 Singles Chart: Positions 76-200
    A single which, in the normal course of events, would appear between positions 76 and 200 of the combined Singles Chart is excluded if its sales have fallen for two or more consecutive weeks AND have fallen by more than 20% in the past week. Once excluded in this way, a record will only re-appear in the chart if its sales increase. Records excluded by this rule are shown on the printed chart report with their sales index and asterisks (***) in place of a chart position.''
  3. Compilation albums are denoted by , Budget albums by ¥, and Downloads by §.
  4. DoE (Date of Entry) refers to the date when the single entered the charts (length varies by chart & year) for the first time that year, even when climbing from a position outside the scope of CLUK. Dates upto and including 7.01.1995 refer to the last entry or re-entry into the charts.
  5. The first chart of the year 1995 is dated 14.01.1995 (compiled from sales data for 1.01.1995-7.01.1995 and published on 8.01.1995). The Chart dated 7.01.1995 is based 100% on sales from 1994.
  6. An entry's chart run is not broken, even when absent for more than 4 weeks. A separate run is only established when a record is re-issued with a different catalogue number and/or on a different label. For albums this rule has several exceptions, mainly to preserve my data's consistency with official CIN practice.
  7. Peak data refers to the highest position reached during that chart year.
  8. WOC (Weeks on Chart) data refer to the relevant chart-length at that time.
  9. (CE only) For many albums two dates are given: The original DoE (i.e. when that album entered the charts the very first time) and the date when its chart run started or the date it last (re)entered the Top 75.
  10. (CE only) All data on positions refer only to the relevant chart year (i.e. 14.01.1995 - 6.01.1996 or 13.01.1996 - 6.07.1996).
    * = still on chart 6.01.1996 and 6.07.1996 respectively.
  11. (CE only) In some cases a third figure gives the total number of weeks that album or single spent in the Top 75—ever. Except for a small number of instances, this is consistent with the official CIN count.
  12. For some singles (1995 only) the chart record notes a peak of 0: these singles featured in the Top 200 for 31.12.1994 and/or 7.01.1995, but did not remain in the chart or re-enter thereafter.
  13. (CE only) Catalogue numbers are quoted for all entries to the Top 75 during the chart year. Other records' catnos. were added only where practicable.
  14. (CE only) I list three point scores:
    • CWSRPS(rev) (1995: points score and position; 1996: points score)
    • CWSRPS (1995: points score and position; 1996: points score)
    • Official CIN year-end Top 100 position as published in Music Week 13.01.1996 (for 1995 only).
    These and other year-end Top 100s for 1995 can be accessed here.
    Datails on the points-sytems and data on sales & releases are provided here.
  15. For some entries I also give a sales figure. This data refers to the total number of units sold by record companies to retailers (trade deliveries)—not actual 'over the counter' sales to customers (retail sales). These trade delivery figures are certified (only on request of the record company) by the BPI - British Phonographic Industy Ltd. to its members as follows:
        Platinum = 600,000 units   »p«
        Gold = 400,000 units   »g«
        Silver = 200,000 units   »s«
        Platinum = 300,000 units   »p«
        Gold = 100,000 units   »g«
        Silver = 60,000 units   »s«
    Please note that my data is not complete for entries that failed to (re)enter the Top 75 during the cope of CLUK. The BPI was founded only in 1972 and its certification criteria have changed over this period.
  16. You can contact me: Mail Zobbel!.
  17. You can also subscribe to the CHARTFREAKS-UK mailing list. For details, please see YahooGroups and follow the instructions there.

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