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This is the Quick Guide to a series of pages containing the basic chart-records of all 61,092 entries into the UK Singles, the UK Artist Albums, the UK Compilation Albums (1998–2010), the UK Budget Albums (1997–2010), and the UK Download (2004–2006) charts during the seventeen chart years 1994–2010.

CLUK 1994–2010 Artist Index

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There is now a compact version of CLUK available: All the CLUK data on a single HTML file, compressed and ready for download: CLUK Compact 1994–2010. I chose RAR as compression utilty and made the file self-extractable. After checking for viruses just double-click, or rename it to .exe in order to run it on a DOS-prompt.

For 2005–2010 there are also compact updates with all CLUK data for individual chart years on separate HTML files: CLUK 2005, CLUK 2006, CLUK 2007, CLUK 2008, CLUK 2009, CLUK 2010, CLUK 2011, and CLUK 2012. Data covers the Top 200/250 Singles and Albums charts, Top 50 Compilations and Budget Albums, and for a time also the Top 40/200 Download chart. Weekly CLUK Updates: Weekly CLUK Updates: 2013, 2014.

For 1995 and the first half of 1996 more detailed data is available live on my website (see the full CLUK intro page). Please note that these CE-pages are no longer updated.

More detailed chart information (including week-by-week positions data and year-end charts) is available in the Chartwatch Annuals. They cover the years 1961–1967 and 1983–2009. For more details about downloading the PDFs or ordering the printed booklets please check the Chartwatch Annual Chart Booklets Guide.

Exact coverage details of CLUK and record sales statistics for individual years:
1994, 1995, 1996, 1997, 1998, 1999, 2000, 2001, 2002, 2003, 2004, 2005, 2006, 2007, 2008, 2009, 2010, 2011, and 2012.

Weekly CLUK Updates: 2013, 2014..

There are two primary sources for the UK chart:

  • Music Week: Top 75 Singles & Albums, Top 20 Compilations, Top 20 Downloads, Top 10 genre charts, Top 50 Airplay, &c. (subscription: £225 p.a.)
  • UKChartsPlus: Top 200 Singles & Albums, Top 50 Compilations, Top 40/200 Downloads, Scotland, Wales, Top 50 Indie, Top 50 Budget albums, Top 40 genre charts (dance, r&b, rock), Top 100 Airplay, New Entries spotlight, &c. (subscription: £105 p.a.)

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Basic CLUK Rules

  1. The charts covered in this edition of CLUK are as follows:
      • CIN UK Singles Top 100: 15.01.1994–12.11.1994
      • CIN UK Singles Top 200: 19.11.1994–5.05.2001
      • CIN/OCC UK Singles Top 75+125: 12.05.2001–16.04.2005
      • OCC UK Singles Top 250: 23.04.2005–11.03.2006
      • OCC UK Singles Top 200: 18.03.2006–8.01.2011
      Artist Albums
      • CIN UK Artist Albums Top 100: 15.01.1994–12.11.1994
      • CIN UK Artist Albums Top 150: 19.11.1994–9.11.1996
      • CIN/OCC UK Artist Albums Top 200: 16.11.1996–8.01.2011
      Compilation Albums
      • CIN/OCC UK Compilation Albums Top 50: 10.01.1998–8.01.2011
      Budget Albums
      • CIN UK Budget Albums Top 10: 11.01.1997–15.12.2001
      • CIN/OCC UK Budget Albums Top 50: 22.12.2001–8.01.2011
      • OCC UK Download Top 20: 26.06.2004–4.12.2004
      • OCC UK Download Top 40: 11.12.2004–6.01.2007
      • OCC UK Download Top 200: 15.04.2006–2.09.2006, 11.11.2006–6.01.2007
  2. Compilation albums are denoted by , Budget albums by ¥, and Downloads by §.
  3. DoE (Date of Entry) refers to the date when the single entered the chart for the first time that year, even when climbing from a position outside the scope of CLUK. Dates upto and including 7.01.1995 refer to the last (re)entry into the charts.
  4. Peak data refers to the highest position reached during that chart year.
  5. WOC (Weeks on Chart) data refer to the relevant chart-length at that time.
  6. BPI Certified Awards (trade deliveries):
        Platinum = 600,000 units   »p«
        Gold = 400,000 units   »g«
        Silver = 200,000 units   »s«
        Platinum = 300,000 units   »p«
        Gold = 100,000 units   »g«
        Silver = 60,000 units   »s«
    My data is not complete for all entries.
  7. You can subscribe to my CLUK Updates and also contact me by joining this mailing list: Chartfreaks UK.

Compiled & edited by Dipl.-Bibl.(FH) Tobias Zywietz, 1994–2011

[Created 3.02.1997, last revised 23.06.2014]