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Postal Stationery: Post Cards

During the British mandate period, a number of post cards, for use inland and overseas, were issued. Surprisingly, the first postcard did not appear until 9 years after the end of the war, and even then the printers in London omitted the Arab and Hebrew inscriptions. These had to be added by a local Jerusalem printer. Later editions were printed by Harrison & Sons, Ltd. in London in their entirety.

I quote the catalogue numbers of both Higgins & Gage and the much more specialized Hochheiser. The latter distinguishes often between very minute details and shades of colour, some of which are difficult to determine without oneself viewing the cards together side-by-side. Depending on the combination of scanner and graphics programme used, images of the same type can look quite different (se e.g. PC 3), therefore I desist from determining such shades in most cases.

Many of the images shown were supplied by Rolf Wernecke. Thank you! I hope to fill the blank spaces still remaining in due course. All contributions are welcome: mail me!
cardPC 1-2 (13K)

Post card in small size (120x75mm), issued August 1927: 4m stamp for use inland; rose-red (Hochh. PC1, H&G 1). According to Hochheiser two subtypes can be distinguished by the shape of the character "lamed" (shown here: subtype 1-2). Printed by Harrison & Sons, London; the Hebrew & Arab inscriptions were added at the press of the Greek Orthodox Convent in Jerusalem.

cardPC 2-2 (20K)

Large size post card (140x89mm), issued in August 1927 (Hochh. PC2, H&G 2): 7m stamp for foreign use; red. Printed in London with Hebrew & Arab inscriptions added in Jerusalem. Hochheiser distinguishes two subtypes by the shape of the "R" in the word "card" (shown here: subtype 2-2).

cardPC_3-2u (22K) cardPC_3-1u (18K)

Inland post card issued 10.10.1928 with 4m stamp, red (Hochh. PC3, H&G 3). Small size (120x75mm), printed in London. Two subtypes known: rose-red with lrge distant to stamp, and brown-red. On the left a copy of sunbtype 3-2 used at Tel Aviv in 1933, on the right copy of subtype 3-1 (rose-red) Haifa 1930.

PCcard_4-1 (19K) cardPC_4u (25K)

Large size card issued on 10.10.1928, 7m stamp (foreign rate), in red (H&G 4, Hochh. PC4-1). On the right: used copy sent on 1.04.1931 to Germany.

cardPC_5u (26K) cardPC_5uu (29K)

New card for foreign usage: increased rate of 8m, issued in June 1932 in large size (Hochh. PC5, H&G 6). Hochheiser notes two shades: vermillion and dark vermillion.
This copy used from Mount Carmel, Haifa to Germany, 13.04.1935.

Used for airmail to Dresden, Germany: uprated with additional 2m-stamp (SG no. 90). Cancelled with TEL AVIV / C / 29 AP / 36 (Sacher ?).

cardPC_6u (22K) cardPC_6uu (23K)

June 1932 (Hochheiser: August 1933): small-size inland card for the increased rate of 4m (Hochh. PC6, H&G 5). Hochheiser notes two shades: light brown purple and brown purple. On the left used for overseas and uprated by 2m. On the right: used in Tel Aviv (22.11.1933) with an advertising label for the Levant Fair 1934.

cardPC_7 (14K)

Post card issued in April 1934 in large size: 4m for inland use (Hochh. PC7, H&G 7). Known in two shades: purple brown or dark purple brown

cardPC_8 (15K) cardPC_8u (15K)

New version of the 4m large size inland post card: it features newly-set inscriptions and an altered coat of arms. Issued in September 1939 in two shades: brown lake and dark brown lake (Hochh. PC8, H&G 8). Hochheiser lists a subtype printed on softer grey buff stock.

The same card, here used in 1940. Hochheiser notet hat during the war the cards were printed on darker and softer stock.
Note the constant "Z" error present in all copies: cardPC_8det (3K)

cardPC_9-1 (12K) card_9-1u (22K)

Overseas rate post card with 8m stamp in red, issued in 1936 (Hochheiser: August 1939) with newly set inscriptions and an altered coat of arms (Hochh. PC9-1, H&G 9). Hochheiser notes three types for PC9: vermillion, brown red on softer grey buff stock, and orange red.

Late inland use in Tel-Aviv (23.12.1945).

cardPC_9-2 (12K)

Post card Hochh. PC9-2: a subtype in colour brown red on softer grey buff stock.

cardPC_10 (16K) cardPC_10-1u (25K)

New inland rate of 1942 (Hochheiser: February 1943): 7m stamp in dark violet/maroon (Hochh. PC10, H&G 10).

Hochh. PC10: here used in June 1944.

cardPC_11-1 (21K) cardPC_11-1u (40K)

Special commemorative violet 7m-postcard (H&G 12a, Hochh. PC11-1), with cachet imprint in colours red, light blue and dark blue, issued on 4.04.1945, advertising the Tel Aviv Philatelic Exhibition "Phila 1945". Printed at Atid Press, Tel Aviv.

Registered overseas airmail: additional franking of 13m und 15m stamps (SG nos. 107, 108).
Cancelled with REGISTERED / PHILA EXHIBITION / TEL AVIV / A / 8 AP / 1945 (Sacher J67) and registration label TEL AVIV 15 / No 0659 (Sacher R15A).

cardPC_11-2 (30K) cardPC_11-2uu (35K)

Second type of the commemorative violet 7m-postcard (H&G 12b, Hochh. PC11-2), cachet imprint now in colours orange, blue and black, issued on 4.04.1945, advertising the Tel Aviv Philatelic Exhibition "Phila 1945"

Philatelic use of type 2 with additional 4m franking (gutter pair of SG No. 90). Two strikes of TEL AVIV / PHILATELIC EXHIBITION / A / 8 AP / 1945
(Sacher J66). Sender: "Ungar Kurt", stamp dealer in Tel Aviv.

cardPC_12-1 (15K) cardPC_12-1m (19K)

New postcard at the increased overseas rate of 13m with ochre (ochre brown) stamp (Hochh. PC12, H&G 11). This was issued in either 1945 (H&G) or April 1946 (Hochh.). On the top right image of the same card, from ebay.
Bottom right: used copy, uprated by three 2m Pictorials (note the gutters) and registered at Lydda Airport, 1947.

cardPC_12-1u (19K)

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