A Short Introduction To The Philately Of Palestine

Postal Stationery and Miscellanea

This page presents examples of postal stationery and miscellanea. These are subjects that I have not yet ventured into in detail, so just a few illustrations.

Interestingly enough, cut-outs from postal stationery were allowed to be used to frank letters, cards, &c.; although I have not seen examples of this except pieces of a clearly philatelic nature, like these:

The Postmaster General: Postal Guide 1948

Embossed or impressed postage stamps cut out of envelopes, post-cards, Ietter-cards or newspaper wrappers, may be used as adhesive stamps in payment of postage, provided they are not imperfect, mutilated, or de-faced in any way. Stamps indicating the payment of a registration fee may be used only for registered correspondence.

(cited from the Postal Guide 1948, as reprinted in Proud: The Postal History of Palestine. Proud-Bailey, 1985)

cut13m_V (23K) cut13m_det (13K)regenv6WS (24K)

Registered letter used in 1944 from Nes Tsiyona to Tel Aviv: envelope from 1941 (H&G C8, Hochh. RE13) uprated by 13 Mils stamp cut-out from an earlier registered envelope (H&G C5 or C6, Hochh. RE8 to RE11).
Note the error in the Arabic value of the original stamp: 13 (instead of 15) Mils.
Postmarks: NES TSIYONA / B / 14 JY / 44, registration label R / NES TSIYONA / No 0046. On reverse: REGISTERED / TEL AVIV / 14 JY 44.

Image courtesy of: Rolf Wernecke.

430728_cuthadera (35K)

This cover has four cut-outs (2, 3, 8 und 13m): Registered letter from Hadera (28.07.1943) to Tel Aviv. Note that it has the same address in the same handwriting as the example shown above. Clearly both letters are philatelic in nature!

300304_PT204V (114K)
300304_PT204R (45K)

Despatch Note for a parcel weighing 4.7 kg sent from Jerusalem via "Egypt & the Dellar Line Steamers" to Baltimore, USA. Postal form P.T. 204 (printer's legend: 10421–50000_ S.O.P) franked with a total of 170m: SG no.100 and 6x SG no.99. Parcel label (perforated): JERUSALEM / 960.
Postmark: CITADEL B.O. / JERUSALEM / C / 4 MR / 30 (Sacher J13, 8 light strikes with inner circle not visible).

291016_PT204V (37K) 291016_PT204R (36K)

Parcel despatch note from 1929 for three parcels (each weighing 5kg) sent from Nazareth to New York. Form P.T. 204 franked with 3x170m = 510m in total: SG no. 101, 2x SG no. 103, and SG 99. Three regular parcel labels.

Images: Ebay. Sold in July 2006 for $1,025.

371117_PT204V (35K) 371117_PT204R (36K)

1936 Parcel despatch note used in 1937 for 9.75kg parcel to Talinn, Estonia. Form P.T. 204 (Printer's legend: 29575—23—105000—1/36—A.P.) franked with 2x200m, 50m, 20m, 5m = 475m in total: 2x SG no. 70, SG nos. 67, 66, and 93. Form size: 208x148mm. Parcel label TEL AVIV / No. 1501 / 108. Postmarks: TEL-AVIV / * / 17 NO / 37, transit and arrival marks from Trieste (22.11.1937), Bolzano (25.11.1937), Munich (26.11.1937), Innsbruck (25.11.1937), Stettin (29.11.1937), and Talinn (6.12.1937).

000000_PT204V (21K) 000000_PT204R (19K)

Unused parcel despatch note, form P.T. 204 on (thin) greenish paper. Printer's legend: 5308-30000-S.O.P. Form size: 217x124mm.

311117_COPIP (19K)

CERTIFICATE OF POSTING AN INLAND PARCEL, being the counterfoil to an inland parcel despatch note. Printer's legend: 29013 - 60000 - 22/11/34: H.P.M..
This one used in 1931: HADAR HARCARMEL / D / 17 NO / 31.

T_air25 (14K) airletter1 (49K)

1944, 25 mils aerogramme, dark blue with light overlay (H&G FG1, Hochh. AL1). Address field border measures: 114x95mm.

airletterOAT (71K)

Aerogramme (H&G FG1, Hochh. AL1) from Nahariya to Montréal, Canada. Postmark: NAHARIYA / B / 13 DE / 44 (Sacher 2). Double strike of red oval handstamp: O.A.T. for "onward air transmission" from Britain to Canada.

lcard_01 (29K) lcard_02a (30K)
First letter card issued in August 1927 on blue-gray paper, 140x88mm (folded), with yellow-orange 5 mils feestamp. Subtype with large space (32mm) between coat of arms and the stamp. (H&G A1, Hochh. LC1-3).
Originally the cards supplied by Harrison & Sons, London (H&G AI) only contained English text and had to be individually overprinted at the Greek Orthodox Convent in Jerusalem.
Letter card issued on 10.10.1928 on blue-gray paper, 140x88mm (folded), with 5 mils feestamp and a larger coat of arms (H&G A2a, Hochh. LC2-2).
The slightly changed texts were now correctly printed in all three languages in London. The varieties are based on the distance between the coat of arms and the stamp (here: 32mm). The shown card has also the left edge of the coat of arms lined up with the right edge of the second T in LETTER (Sarkin LC2-2b).
irc_7aV (55K) irc_7aR (43K)
International Reply Coupon for 25 Mils (Dorfmann RC7a). Issued at Jerusalem,
post mark: JERUSALEM EXPRESS / [B or H ?] / 20 JY / 46 (Sacher H24), not redeemed.

Image courtesy Thomas Schubert.

irc_9 (42K)
Imperial Reply Coupon, 1936 issue (blank reverse), price 12 Mils (Dorfmann RC9). Issued at Jerusalem: TALAVERA BKS / JERUSALEM / C / 29 AU / 36 (Sacher H24), not redeemed.

Image courtesy Thomas Schubert.

wrap_E1 (19K) wrap_E2_V (17K) wrap_E2_R (14K)
Printed matter wrapper, 2m fee stamp, June 1931 (H&G E1, Hochh. NW1): PRINTED PAPERS., also in Arabic and Hebrew.
Unused but with special postmark PHILATELIC EXHIBITION / TEL AVIV.

Image: Ebay.

Printed matter wrapper, 3m fee stamp, June 1931 (H&G E21, Hochh. NW1) with additional 2m stamp (with gutter): PRINTED PAPERS / IMPRIMÉS.
Cancelled in Jerusalem, destined for Pasadena, Ca.

Image: Ebay.

airg_1 (49K) airg_2 (53K)

Airgraph (reproduction), 1942. Numerator 164655, used 22.11.1942, Palestine to London. Danesh/Fletcher Type PAG 1; with short message field and address field (90mm and 20mm respectively in the reproduction)

Airgraph (reproduction), 1942. Numerator 217239, used 3.01.1943, Palestine to London. Danesh/Fletcher Type PAG 1; with long message field and address field (95mm and 21mm respectively in the reproduction)

Such variations in sizes are caused by the photomechnical technique and changes in the equipment used and do occur regularly with airgraph reproductions.
airg_3 (54K) airg_R (36K)

Airgraph (reproduction), 1943/44. Numerator 12208, used 15.01.1944, Palestine to London. Danesh/Fletcher Type PAG 4d. Censor mark.
This reproduction looks very much like a parallelogram or trapeze; so wide variations in sizes, caused by the photomechnical technique, may well been a frequent occurrence with airgraph reproductions.

Reverse side of an airgraph form (part only) with nine points of explanation.
Danesh/Fletcher type PAG 3a.
Form no. P.T. 273 with imprint GPP. 15326-500.000-17.1.43.

Image: Ebay.

porderV (127K)
porderR (134K)

Unpaid Postal Order for £P1: 1940 issue with 10m poundage. Issued in Jerusalem, postmark: JERUSALEM M.O.C. / 10 NO / 47 (Sacher H16). According to Sacher this postmark was used only until 11.11.1947.

220923_PT506V (113K)

Advice of Delivery, form P.T. 506.: PALESTINE POST AND TELEGRAPHS / ACKNOWLEDGEMT OF DELIVERY OR PAYMENT = / AVIS DE RÉCEPTION OU DE PAYEMENT. No printer's legend. Brown-grey, thin paper, sheet size: 171x366mm.
Used for a letter registered under number 9275 on 20.09.1922 in Jaffa; destination: Munich. Franked with 3m and 1p, London I (SG nos. 62 and 65), cancelled REGISTERED / JAFFA / 23 SP 22. Receipt acknowledged: postmark MUENCHEN23. / a / 1. / V.8 - 9 / 3 /OKT /22.
According to a manuscript note the AdR arrived back in Jaffa on 19.10.1922. The sheet was folded up, on the address side boxed cachet POSTMASTER JAFFA / 18 OCT 1922 / Ref. No. ....... (Sacher 2).

220923_PT506R (20K)
380804_PT520V (49K) 380804_PT520R (63K)
Advice of Delivery, 1936 Inland form P.T. 520 (printer's legend: 29855—5000—20.6.36 F.P.). Pink regular paper. Used for a registered letter from Jerusalem-Rehavia (registration number 4216) to Jerusalem. Franked with 10m definitive (SG no. 97), cancelled by REHAVIA B.O. / JERUSALEM / C / 4 AU / 38. On reverse : JERUSALEM / [?] / 5 AU / 38, on front: JERUSALEM / 2.45PM / 16 AU / 38.
361217_PT506V (31K) 361217_PT506R (31K)
Another Advice of Delivery form, UPU-conform international version, form P.T. 506 (printer's legend: 29404—15000—12.12.35—S.O.P.). Buff cardboard. Used for a letter from Haifa to Tiberias. Franked with 2x5m definitive, cancelled by REGISTERED / HAIFA / 1? DE 36. Postmark of the delivery office: TIBERIAS / A / 17 DE / 36; and on reverse TIBERIAS / B / 17 DE / 36.
400703_PT506V (23K) 400703_PT506R (23K)
Form P.T. 506 / AVIS DE RÉCEPTION. / ADVICE OF DELIVERY., for a registred letter from Jerusalem to Brooklyn, N.Y., (printer's legend: 29809_30000_20/6/36 Com. P.). Buff cardboard.
15m "Pictorials". Postmarks: REGISTERED / JERUSALEM / A / 3 JY 40, Brooklyn, 16.09.40, and 17.09.40. Censor mark J.14. Form size: 138x109mm.
411015_PT506V (19K) 411015_PT506R (19K)
Form P.T. 506 / AVIS DE RÉCEPTION. / ADVICE OF DELIVERY., for a registered letter from Tiberias, undelivered and returned (printer's legend: 29404—15000—12.12.35—S.O.P.). Buff cardboard.
15m "Pictorials". Postmark: TIBERIAS / C / 15 OC / 41. Form size: 138x106mm.
391222_PT237 (19K) 400227_PT237 (18K)

Form PT237: Postal label inscribed P.T. 237 / FREE / Date Stamp / No charge to be made on delivery, partly also in Arabic and Hebrew. The label on the left, postmarked JAFFA / F / 22 DE / 39 (Sacher B8), is sized 62x72mm on red paper, and perforated 11.75. The label on the right is sized 70x65mm, on chamois paper, and perforated 11.25. Postmark: TEL AVIV / PARCEL POST / 27 FE 40.

460123_PT304V (28K) 460123_PT304R (24K)
Form P.T. 304 / CERTIFICATE OF ISSUE OF A FOREIGN MONEY ORDER; no. 19724, (printer's legend: 32661—300 Pds.—28.1.44—G.C.P.), here used as receipt for C.O.D. parcel arriving from London: manuscript entry "COD parcel / No. 7046". The charge collected was £P17.900. Postmark: JERUSALEM / PARCEL POST / * / 23 JA / 46. Apparently this C.O.D. payment had to be transferred back to the sender via foreign money order(?)
301223_PT214 (31K) D17_PT214R (25K)
Form P.T. 304 / RECEIPT FOR IMPORT DUTY, no. 48025, (printer's legend: 10574-1000-Bks. 15.8.27. L.J.S.P.), issued for 90 mils collected for two parcels (nos. 242 and 243) arriving from Germany. Postmark: JAFFA / * / 23 DE / 30 (Sacher B5). The amount is covered by a vertical strip of four 10m postage due stamps (SG no. D17). The amount noted is certainly 90m, though I don't see any remains of a cancellation mark or where the additional 50m PD stamp may have stuck.
330613_PT214 (26K) 360201_PT214 (29K)
(printer's legend: 20675—600 Bks—5/5/32—G.P.)
Issued for 25 mils collected for a parcel (no. 9) arriving from Germany. Postmark: JERUSALEM / E / 13 JU / 33. On reverse: 20m (!) PDIII (SG no. D19), same postmark.
Form size: 149x105mm.
(printer's legend: 27009—1000 Bks—22.4.35—G.P.)
Issued for 15 mils collected for a parcel (no. 1683) arriving from Tarnów. Postmark: HAIFA / 1 FE / 36. On reverse: 20m (!) PDIII (SG no. D19), same postmark.
Form size: 149x100mm.
411219_PT605A (53K) 430525_PT605A (48K)
PALESTINE POSTS, TELEGRAPHS AND TELEPHONES. Form P.T. 605 A., printer's legend: 31294 – 3000 Bks – 24/10/39 – Com. P.. Size: 144x204mm.
Serial number B 109195: Telephone receipt for line Tel Aviv no. 2775 for the sum of 130m. Postmark: M. O. O. / TEL AVIV / A / 19 DE 41.
DEPARTMENT OF POSTS & TELEGRAPHS. Form P.T. 605 A., printer's legend: 32009–3000 Bks.–29.11.41–G.C.P.. Size: 146x207mm.
Serial number C 75590: Telephone receipt for line Rishon Le Tsiyon no. 238 for the sum of P£6.076m. Postmark: RISHON LE TSIYON / A / 26 MY / 43.

PALESTINE POSTS, TELEGRAPHS AND TELEPHONES. Form P.T. 76: ACCOUNT FOR TELEPHONE SERVICE, issued for Tel Aviv no. 3153. Rental due for the quarter ending September 1940: P£3.750; trunk calls for June 1940: P£1.130.
Printer's legend: 31008 – 150000/27/4/39 Com. P.. Original sheet size: 202x374mm.

400722_PT76det (31K)
400722_PT76V (67K) 400722_PT76R (62K)
formsavingsV (21K) formsavingsR (24K)

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