A Short Introduction To The Philately Of Palestine

Part 8: The Waterlow Stamps "London II" (1921)

Less than a year after the first London overprints were issued ("London I"), the Palestinian postal authorities changed suppliers for stamps: Since 1918 all stamps had been printed by the Stamping Department of the Board Of Inland Revenue, at Somerset House, London). Via Crown Agents the entire contract is placed with commercial printers Waterlow & Sons, Ltd. in London.

Waterlow created new clichées for print (T3 c) and overprint (T8), based on designs supplied by Somerset House. The new plates consist of clichés in the uniform design size of 18x21.5mm instead of the two sizes previously used (T3 a and b). The overprint cliché changes only minimally and two types can be discerned (T8 A and B):

Type 8A Type 8B
FLSTIN Arabic 8mm
PALESTINE English 14.5mm
(instead of 14mm)
PLSTINH AI Hebrew 15mm
(instead of 14.5mm)

Some values change colour and new values are added. Waterlow uses paper regular to Crown Agents stamps: with watermark W9 (Multiple Script CA). Apparently some batches of paper varied in thickness.

Perforation shows uniformly as K14, though some higher values were perforated K15:14. The height of the stamps is 24mm. The arrangement of the printing sheet remains unchanged: two panes of 120 stamps (12x10 fields) with a horizonal row of Intersecting Gutters in new type B. There are now double Jubilee Lines: in the colour of the stamp plus the colour of the overprint. Early prints show plate numbers ("Plate No. 1") in the margin; later prints have only a numerator.

072_guthor (23K) 073_corTL (88K)

Copy of SG no. 72 from the top row of the bottom pane with intersecting gutter (new type B).

Block of four from the top left corner of the top pane in the printing sheet, showing plate number and the two jubilee lines.

Images courtesy of Rolf Wernecke.
074_pcard (56K)

Picture postcard with SG no. 74. Cancelled with JERUSALEM / A / 17 SP / 23 (Sacher B25); destined for London and forwarded to Cambridge.

081 perfin KKL 081a (10K) 082a (13K) 082a_high (15K)

SG no. 81 as perfin: "K.K.L." in Hebrew letters, position C.

SG no. 81 with inverted overprint (Bale 81a).
Image from ebay.

SG no. 82a: 9p bistre,
perf. 14:14.
Image from ebay.

SG no. 82a: height 25mm (instead of 24mm)
Image from ebay.

The expert philatelist recognises four plate arrangements, some appear only with some values, which lead to 21 discernable types. For the overprint, two plates (A, B) were used, the latter appears clearer and has thinner type in the second line.

Numerous (new) varieties can be found on the Waterlow stamps:

  1. inverted watermark;
  2. numerous plate varieties, incl. E.F.F. instead of E.E.F. (10p);
  3. various perforation errors (1m);
  4. perforation variety in the 6th row (upper pane) and 5th row (lower pane) leading to stamps of 25mm height (5p--20p);
  5. numerous overprint varieties; D-error (Hebrew 'd' instead of 'h', plate B);
  6. inverted or horizontally misplaced overprint, double overprint.

080_cover (27K) 080_cover2 (31K)

Commercial cover with SG no. 80, cancelled with BETHLEHEM / A / 28 JU / 26 (bad strike); destined for Landshut, Germany.

Registered commercial cover with SG no. 80 in vertical pair. Cancelled in Jerusalem: REGISTERED / JERUSALEM / 24 JA 23 (Sacher). Registration label JERUSALEM / No. 4173 (Sacher). German customs inspection mark Post Überwach. Stelle / München / FREIGEGEBEN / V. 11 / 31 / JAN. / 23. Delivered to Dresdner Bank, Berlin.

081_coverV (32K) PT366_260330 (21K)

Registered letter from Haifo to Germany. Postmark: REGISTERED / HAIFA / 16 FE 26. The double franking of SG no. 81 covers 13m for registration, 13m standard foreign letter rate and 2x7m for additional weight upto 60g. Registation label HAIFA / No. 6965. On reverse arrival mark BAYREUTH 2. / b / 23 / FEB. / 26 / 5-6 N.
Image: Ebay.

Envelope PT366, used in March 1926 by the Jerusalem Accounts Branch & Registry (cachet similar to Sacher 23 or 24) for a registered letter to Detroit.
Horizontal pair of SG no. 80 (13m) cancelled by REGISTERED / JERUSALEM / 30 MR 26. Registation label JERUSALEM / No. 8228.

The specific characteristic of this issue (especially to delimitate it from the Somerset stamps London II) is -- apart from changes to colour, watermark and perforation -- the short and blurred inverted commas (dashes) in the third, Hebrew line.

The stamps were issued, according to demand, between August (some sources list September) and November 1922. Definitive first days are therefore not known. The circulation figures (print-runs) are taken from Bale.

SG Michel Value Issue Colour Type Paper Watermk. Perf. Overpr. Circ.
7137 C1 m--braunT3 c gumm.W100K 14:14T8 S5.8m
71 a ----(deep brown)
71 d ----(deep sepia)
7238 C2 m--gelbT3 cgumm.W100K 14:14T8 S4.5m
72 a ----(orange-yellow)
72 b ----(chrome yellow)
7339 C3 m--blauschieferT3 cgumm.W100K 14:14T8 S6.6m
73 a----(prussian blue)
7440 C4 m--hellrosaT3 cgumm.W100K 14:14T8 S1.6m
74 b----(rose-pink)
74 c----(carmine-pink)
7541 C5 m--rotorangeT3 cgumm.W100K 14:14T8 S8.7m
75 a----(yellow-orange)
7642 C6 m--hellgrünT3 cgumm.W100K 14:14T8 S1.2m
76 a----(deep green)
7743 C7 m--gelbbraunT3 cgumm.W100K 14:14T8 S1.5m
77 a----(pale brown)
77 b----(deep yellow-brown)
7844 C8 m--rotT3 cgumm.W100K 14:14T8 S1.8m
7945 C1 p--grauT3 cgumm.W100K 14:14T8 S1.7m
79 a----(slate grey)
8046 C13 m--ultramarinT3 cgumm.W100K 14:14T8 S8.2m
80 a----(pale ult.)
80 b----(deepü ultr.)
8147 a C2 p--olivT3 cgumm.W100K 14:14T8 S0.5m
81 b47 b C--ocker
81 c----(light ochre)
81 d-- --(deep olive)
8248 C5 p--d'lilaT3 cgumm.W100K 14:14, HT8 S0.3m
82a49 C9 p--olivgelbT3 cgumm.W100K 14:14, HT8 S0.3m
8350 C10 p--hellblauT3 cgumm.W100K 14:14, HT8 S0.2m
8451 C20 p--violettT3 cgumm.W100K 14:14, HT8 S0.2m
8648 A5 p--d'lilaT3 cgumm.W100K 15:14T8 S--
8749 A9 p--olivgelbT3 cgumm.W100K 15:14T8 S--
8850 A10 p--hellblauT3 cgumm.W100K 15:14T8 S--
8951 A20 p--violettT3 cgumm.W100K 15:14T8 S--

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