A Short Introduction To The Philately Of Palestine

Part 6: The Third Overprint "Jerusalem III" (1921)

At the end of May 1921, a new overprint block (T6a) was created. It is very similar to the September overprints (T4).
Characteristic for this issue, especially to delimitate it from the second local overprint "Jerusalem II", is the positioning of the quotes (or dashes) in the third line: they are now either in line or minimally below the upper line of the other Hebrew letters or are arranged slightly step like. The second, English line is minimally shorter at 14.75mm instead of 15mm. This is the same length as the third line, which no longer features a varying gap between the two words. Most Hebrew letters have also clear serifs.

Type 6a
FLSTIN Arab 10mm
PALESTINE English 14.75mm
PLSTINH AI Hebrew 14.75mm
050_pcard (57K)

Picture postcard with SG no. 50; cancelled: JERUSALEM / D / 11 AU / 21 (Sacher B4). Destination: Esslingen in Germany.

The expert philatelist discerns between five overprint types. Main varieties worth mentioning:

  1. Rough perforation RP (1m--5p, 20p);
  2. Mixed perforation MP (all values in K15:14);
  3. partly missing overprint: Arab (1m), Engl. (3m), Hebr. (3m);
  4. numerous overprint plate varieties, offset on reverse (1m, 4m).

The stamps used for this local overprint were from the typographed issue continually reprinted since 1918, type T3. All the errors and varieties of that issue, including perforation and shades, appear also on the overprinted stamps---in addition to new varieties. This can be said for all four different Jerusalem overprints.
Die eleven values were issued between 29.05.1921 and 4.08.1921.

SG Michel Value Issue Colour Type Paper Watermk. Perf. Overpr.
4715 III A1 m23.06.1921sepiaT3 a gumm.W100K 15:14, RP, MPT6a S
47 a --(pale greyish sepia)K 15:14
4816 III2 m23.06.1921blaugrünT3 agumm.W100K 15:14, RP, MPT6a S
4917 III3 m23.06.1921gelbbraunT3 bgumm.W100K 15:14, RP, MPT6a S
5018 III4 m23.06.1921rotT3 agumm.W100K 15:14, RP, MPT6a S
50 a--(carmine scarlet)K 15:14
5119 III5 m29.05.1921gelborangeT3 bgumm.W100K 15:14, MP, RPT6a S
5220 III1 p1.07.1921s'blauT3 bgumm.W100K 15:14, MP, RPT6a Si
5321 III2 p4.08.1921grünolivT3 agumm.W100K 15:14, RP, MPT6a S
5422 III5 p4.08.1921d'lilaT3 agumm.W100K 15:14, RP, MPT6a S
5523 III9 p4.08.1921olivgelbT3 bgumm.W100K 15:14, MPT6a S
5624 III10 p4.08.1921ultramarinT3 bgumm.W100K 15:14, MPT6a S
5725 III A20 p4.08.1921grauT3 bgumm.W100K 15:14, MP, RPT6a S
5815 III C1 m--sepiaT3 agumm.W100K 14:14T6a S
5925 III C20 p--grauT3 bgumm.W100K 14:14T6a S

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