A Short Introduction To The Philately Of Palestine

Part 5: The Trial Overprint "Jerusalem Narrow" (1920)

At the start of December 1920 another new overprint block was created (T6). Originally it seems to have been intended as a trial only. As demand for a number of low values emerged at short notice, it was apparently decided to print some sheets at hand with this overprint type and sell them in a regular fashion from 6.12.1920. The existing values are 1, 3, and 5m. The print-run was extremely small, so that these stamps are considerably scarcer (and more valuable) than the September overprints. Of the 5m value only a dozen stamps are known to collectors.

This overprint discerns itself from others by the shortened gap between the second (English) and third (Hebrew) line: 6mm (instead of 7mm). The total vertical size of the clichée is now 19mm instead of 20mm.

Type 6
FLSTIN Arab 10mm
PALESTINE English 15mm
PLSTINH AI Hebrew 13.75--15mm

In total six overprint types can be differentiated by errors in the second line (Latin types). Apart from a partly missing overprint (5m at K14 only) there are two outstanding varieties: In the word PALESTINE the last E appears as almost a B or as some ragged R (1m in K14, 3m in K15:14 and 5m in K15:14). The 3m value (in K15:14 only) also exists with a mixed perforation (ie. a missing tooth between the 19th and 20th row in a sheet).

SG Nr. 44

SG No. 44

SG Michel Value Issue Colour Type Paper Watermk. Perf. Overpr.
4417 IV A3 m6.12.1920gelbbraunT3 bgumm.W100K 15:14T6 S
44a19 IV a A5 m6.12.1920 gelborangeT3 bgumm.W100K 15:14T6 S
4515 IV C1 m6.12.1920sepiaT3 a gumm.W100K 14:14T6 S
4619 IV b C5 m6.12.1920 orangeT3 bgumm.W100K 14:14T6 S

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