A Short Introduction To The Philately Of Palestine

Egyptian Occupation: The 1948 Postage Due Issue

Alongside the definitives, 1948 sees also the issuing of a series of Postage Due stamps. The Egypt Post takes its regular Postage Dues to produce overprints for Gaza: For the low values the overprint type 1 is used, for the highest value of 30m it is type 8. Both overprint design were already utilized to produce definitives for the occupied area.

The Base Stamps:

  • Postage Due stamps 1927--1941: Design type D59 (Numeral) in perforation 13.5 (2--12m) and 14 (30m). Printed in lithography (offset) on paper with watermark W48.
    Values of 2, 4, 6, 8, 10, 12, and 30m.

GType_1 (8K) GType_8 (9K)

Overprint design type 1

Overprint design type 8

gD032 (66K) gD033 (64K)
gD034 (66K) gD035 (64K)
gD036 (68K) gD037 (65K)
gD038 (82K)
Postage Dues 1948
SG Michel Value Issue Colour Design Waterm. Perf. Overpr. Colour Base Base
D32 P1 2m 1.06.1948 red-orange D59 W48 K13.5 1 S D174 P31
D33 P2 4m 1.06.1948 yellow-green D59 W48 K13.5 1 R D175 P32a
--- P2 blue-green D175a P32b
D34 P3 6m 1.06.1948 grey-green D59 W48 K13.5 1 S D178 P35
D35 P4 8m 1.06.1948 purple D59 W48 K13.5 1 S D179 P36
D36 P5 10m 1.06.1948 rose-lake D59 W48 K13.5 1 S D180 P37
D38 P6 12m 1.06.1948 lake D59 W48 K13.5 1 S D181 P38
D38 P7 30m 1.06.1948 bright violet D59 W48 K14 8 R D183 P40

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