A Short Introduction To The Philately Of Palestine

Jordanian Occupation: Postage Dues 1948

For the postage due stamps (issued on 2.12.1948) Transjordanian postage dues from various issues in several perforations (design types D26 and D35, issued since 1929) were overprinted by design type PD2 and PD2a. The two types differ by the horizontal distance between the first and second line. The overprint is in colours black, green and red, with shades varying between imprints.

JType_PD2 (8K)

Overprint design PD2


Overprint design PD2a

The base stamps:

  • Issue 1929: design type D26 in perforation 14. Produced in recess printing by Perkins & Bacon. Watermark Crown Agents type W9. Values of 4, 10, 20, and 50m.
  • Issue 1939: design type D26 in perforation 13.5:13. Recess (Perkins & Bacon) with watermark W9. One value of 1m.
  • Issue 1944: design type D26 in perforation 12. Produced in recess by Bradbury & Wilkinson. Watermark W9. Values of 1, 2, 40, 10, and 20m.
  • Issue 1942: design type D35 in perforation 13.5. Printed in lithography by Survey Department in Cairo. No watermark. Values of 1, 2, and 10m.

The perforation measures given are those listed in catalogues Michel and Stanley Gibbons. Stamps that I inspected show perforation measures that differ slightly from those figures, some by as much as half a point. Since I don't have enough compararative material of the base stamps or the overprints, I cannot make further investigations into this problem.

J_PD017 (15K) J_PD018 (15K)
J_PD019 (13K) J_PD020 (13K) J_PD021 (15K)
J_PD022 (16K) J_PD023 (16K) J_PD024 (16K)
J_PD025 (14K) J_PD026 (15K) J_PD026a (15K)
J_PD027 (14K) J_PD027a (14K)
J_PD028 (14K) J_PD029 (14K)
SG Michel Value Issue Colour Design Waterm. Perf. Overpr. Colour Base Base
PD17 P1 I D 1m 2.12.1948 redbrown D26 W9 K13.5:13 PD2 S D189a --
PD18 P3 I A 4m 2.12.1948 green D26 W9 K14 PD2 R D191 P31A
PD19 -- 10m 2.12.1948 scarlet D26 W9 K14 PD2 S D192 --
PD20 P5 I A 20m 2.12.1948 olive-green D26 W9 K14 PD2 R D193 P33 A
PD21 P6 I 50m 2.12.1948 blue D26 W9 K14 PD2 R D194 P34 A
PD22 P7 1m 2.12.1948 redbrown D35 -- K13.5 PD2 S D230 P35
PD23 P8 2m 2.12.1948 orange-yellow D35 -- K13.5 PD2 S D231 P36
PD24 P9 10m 2.12.1948 scarlet D35 -- K13.5 PD2 S D232 P37
PD25 P1 I C 1m 2.12.1948 red-brown D26 W9 K12 PD2 S D244 P29 C
PD26 P2 I 2m 2.12.1948 orange-yellow D26 W9 K12 PD2 S D245 P30 C
PD26 a P2 II PD2a Gr
PD27 P3 I C 4m 2.12.1948 green D26 W9 K12 PD2 R D246 P31 C
PD27 a P3 II C PD2a
PD28 P4 I 10m 2.12.1948 scarlet D26 W9 K12 PD2 S D247 P32 C
PD29 P5 I C 20m 2.12.1948 olive-green D26 W9 K12 PD2 R D248 P33 C

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