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This is the Quick Guide to a series of pages containing the complete chart-records of all 800 entries into the UK Singles Charts during the period 1952-1956 and the year 1960.
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Alfi & Harry - Bing CrosbyCliff Adams - Frank Ifield
Johnny Dankworth - Dick Hyman Trio
Ink Spots - Ruby MurrayWanda Jackson - Mark Wynter
N - Anthony Steel
The Teenagers - Z

The Basic Layout of Records:

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Tony Bennett

Stranger In Paradise (Philips PB 420)
16.04.1955    1   (16 wks.) — 631 pts. = 9 (1955)
14.04.1956    29   (1 wk.) — 10 pts. = 192 (1956)
[16.04.1955—total weeks: 17—total points: 641]


Title (Label Catnos: 10"/7")
Entry    Peak   (Weeks) — Points(CWSRPS) = Position (for year)
Complete positions data
[Original Entry—total weeks—total points]

Basic Rules:

  • Chart infomation is taken from the New Musical Express (NME) (15.11.1952 - 27.02.1960) and the Record Retailer (5.03.1960 - 7.01.1961). The NME chart started—as the first UK record sales chart—on 15.11.1952. Originally a Top 12, it expanded to a Top 20, and later a Top 30 over the years. In March 1960 Record Retailer started its Top 50. 1960 had only only 51 chart weeks, since the NME chart for 27.02.1960 clearly corresponded with the RR chart for 12.03.1960. This practice is also used by the Guinness series of chart books, but I checked this 'correspondence' independently and came to the same conclusion.
  • Chart Dates: All dates used are standardized, i.e. they represent the date of the Saturday that followed the actual publication of the chart.
    The NME was apparently published on Fridays with the Friday also being the cover date (unlike today). Record Retailer was published on Thursdays with Thursday also being the cover date (unlike today). To complicate it further, the RR chart itself was dated the previous Saturday (e.g. "week ending 5 March") marking the end of the sales period.
  • The first chart of the year 1960 is dated 16.01.1960, being the first chart compiled from 1960 sales data. The same rule applies for all years.
  • Date of Entry refers to the date when the single entered the chart for the first time that year, or the previous years if the chart-run spans more than a year.
  • All data on positions refer only to period 15.11.1952 - 7.01.1961.
  • The NME chart (unlike RR) often included tied positions, e.g. two records occupying position 11, with pos. 12 omitted.
  • Peak data refers to the highest position reached during the period covered by Chart Log UK.
  • Some entries list 0 for peak & weeks. These records featured in the NME Top 30 for 2.01 and 9.01.1960 but did not stay or re-enter the charts after that.
  • WOC (Weeks on Chart) data refer only to the period covered by Chart Log UK.
  • Catalogue numbers: I have listed the mono 10" 78rpm catno., and—where known—the catno. for the parallel 7" microgroove 45rpm single.
    The 78s market declined steadily since the introduction of 7"s in 1953. In the first half of 1960, 58% of Top 10 hits were released in both formats; in the second half this figure dropped to only 27%. By 1961 no Top 10 hit appeared in 10" at all, the format having been killed by the record companies who wanted to maximize their profits.
  • If you have any comments, hints, criticism—please don't hesitate to contact me.
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