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Page 11: Appendices


Appendix 1: Country codes
         A                   Austria
         AUS                 Australia 
         B                   Belgium
         CAN                 Canada
         CH                  Switzerland
         D                   Germany
         DK                  Denmark
         E                   Spain
         EU                  Europe
         F                   France
         I                   Italy
         J                   Japan
         INT                 International
         IRE                 Eire
         LITH                Lithuania
         MAZ                 Macedonia
         MEX                 Mexico
         N                   Norway
         NL                  Netherlands
         NZ                  New Zealand
         PL                  Poland
         S                   Sweden
         SF                  Finland
         SLO                 Slovenia
         UK                  Great Britain
         US                  USA
         UU                  UK and USA
         EE                  Estonia

Appendix 2: Genre codes
     POP         Popular / General  (default!) 
     D           Dance
     C           Classical
     CO          Country
     HM          Heavy Metal, Hard Rock, Metal
     IND         Independent
     RG          Reggae, Ragga, Ska, Bogle, Jungle, Roots, Lovers
                 Rock, Culture
     B           Blues
     J           Jazz
     JB          Jazz and Blues
     R           Rock (not used)
     AC          Adult Contemporary, Easy Listening, etc ...
     MOR         MOR, Popular Music
     S           Soul, R&B, Black Music
     ALT         Alternative
     HH          Hip Hop, Rap, Hardcore, (House)
     W           World
     oth / o     all others 

Appendix 3: Format codes
             A    Albums
             S    Singles
             LP   LPs only
             MC   Cassettes only
             CD   CDs only
             7"   7"-singles only
             12"  12"-singles only
             CDS  CD-singles only
             MCS  Cassingles only
             V    Videos
             MV   Music Videos
             T    Tracks (Airplay)
             C    albums and singles
             SM   Sheet Music
             EP   EPs only
             o    all others

Appendix 4: Languages
     D        German
     DK       Danish
     E        Spanish
     F        French
     I        Italian
     LITH     Lithuanian
     MAZ      Macedonian
     N        Norwegian
     NL       Dutch
     PL       Polish
     S        Swedish
     SF       Suomi (Finnish)
     SLO      Slovenian
     EE       Eesti (Estonian)
     UK       English; used for all English-language works, unless
              emanating from the USA.
     US       Americanese
     o        all others

Appendix 5: Source Codes Index

This list only includes the codes of the main sources, some minor sources may have been omitted. Please confer the Sources Section (that only appears in the non-HTML versions) for more details.

ABPR       American book publishing record
ANB        Australian national bibliography
a&r        A&R Booksearch: Books for the record collector
BNB        British national bibliography
BPIletter  letter I received from the BPI
BUCMP85    British union catalogue of music periodicals
CBJ1989    Current British journals
CNB        Canadian national bibliography
cw         Chartwatch
FNB        Finnish national bibliography
hum88      The humanities
IBIP       International books in print
id         Einkaufszentrale für öffentliche Bibliotheken: Informationsdienst
iwa        Iwashkin, Roman: Popular music
kd         Einkaufszentrale für öffentliche Bibliotheken: Katalogdienst
knö        Buchhändlervereinigung: Verzeichnis lieferbarer Bücher
MBI        MBI : music business international
MW         Music week
NME        NME : new musical express
Oehl1988   Oehl, Kurt: Musikliteratur im Überblick
RC         Record collector
risb90     Record industry sourcebook
rob89      Robinson, D.: Music and dance periodicals
SNB        Svensk Bokförteckning (Swedish national bibliography)
StBPforz   Catalogue of Pforzheim public library
tayl1985   Taylor, Paul: Popular music since 1955
ull92-93   Ulrich's international periodicals directory
ulr92-93   Ulrich's international periodicals directory
vlb        Buchhändlervereinigung: Verzeichnis lieferbarer Bücher
VOX        VOX
walf       Walford: Guide to reference material

Appendix 6: Abbreviations
annual         once a year
apprec.        appreciation, appreciated
ass.           assistant, assistance, assisted
assoc.         association, associate, associated
aut            autopsy
bi-annual      twice a year
bibl.          bibliography
biennial       once ever two years
bi-weekly      twice a week
ca.            circa
circ.          circulation
cm             centimeter (0.39")
comp.          compiled, compiler
conc.          conceived
cont.          continued
daily          once a day
des.           designed
dia.           diameter
disc.          discography
distr.         distributor, distributed
ed.            edited, editor, edition, editorial         and others
fortnightly    once a fortnight
hbk.           hardback
ill.           illustration, illustrated
incl.          includes, including
incorp.        incorporating, incorporated
index          index
indiv.         individual(ly)
ll             loose-leaf
ltd.           limited
monthly        once a month
n/a            not available, not applicable
n.c.           numerus curens (issues are numbered continuously)
p.             page(s)
p.a.           per annum, (issues) a year
pbk.           paperback
pr.            press, printed, printer
prev.          previous (ly)
prod.          produced, producer
publ.          published, publication, publisher
quarterly      once a quarter
rel.           release, released
res.           research, researcher, researched
s.a.           see also, confer
semi-monthly   twice a month
s.l.           sine loco (no place)
s.n.           sine nomine (no publisher)
spec.          special(ly)
suppl.         supplement, supplied
t.p.           title page
t.p.verso      back of title page
v.             various; volume (only within collation)
vol.           volume
w.             with
weekly         once a week
w/o            without

Appendix 7: Technical & History
Technical info:

The original set of files is produced with Borland Paradox using a relational database model consisting of a dozen DB-files and several dozen more auxiliary files.
All data put into a single DB-file fills just under 5MB. Only a selection of fields is made public in any released dBase-file.
The published text-versions of BDC are produced using Borland Quattro Pro as speadsheet and WordPerfect as word-processor.
Anyone interested in more detailed data should contact me (e.g through e-mail). Other chart-related files may also be available.
I use a 486DX2-66 PC with 16MB RAM and OS/2 WARP 3.


BDC 0.97.1  Released 26.09.1995
            ID 1-692; 447 entries in the main section, 1215 in total.
            The revised classification is refined.
            Interim version in HTML only, specially prepared for the
            Chartwatch web-site.

BDC 0.97  Released 22.04.1995
            ID 1-412; 399 entries in the main section.
            Including for the first time periodicals & sources sections.
            The provisional classification has been revised and forms now the
            basis for the main section.
            Newly included are six indices: Alphabetc, ID, Title, Author, ISBN,
            2 versions: WordPerfect 5.2 (bdc097.wpo) and plain-ASCII
            (bdc097_*.txt); other versions are made available only on special

BDC 0.96  Released 27.02.1995
            ID 1-339; 387 entries, dBase version: 539,880byte
            Excluding all periodicals and sources.
            Newly included: Provisional classification with four fields [LOC,
            GENRE,FORMAT, LANG].
            Minor amendments for a few dozen entries, several others revised, a
            couple new entries.
            Limited release.
            2 versions: dBase (BDC096.dbf) and Text (BDC0961.txt)

BDC 0.95  Released 29.01.1995
            ID 1-286; 456,435byte
            Excluding all periodicals.

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