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Top 200 Singles 1961

CWSRPSArtist: Title (Label)
Pos. Pts.Wks.(HP)
180418 (1)Evis Presley: WOODEN HEART (RCA)
278422 (1)Del Shannon: RUNAWAY (London)
375023 (1)Helen Shapiro: YOU DON'T KNOW (Columbia)
464315 (1)Helen Shapiro: WALKIN' BACK TO HAPPINESS (Columbia)
563615 (1)John Leyton: JOHNNY REMEMBER ME (Top Rank)
660221 (1)Eden Kane: WELL I ASK YOU (Decca)
759216 (1)The Everly Brothers: EBONY EYES / WALK RIGHT BACK (Warner Bros)
857616 (2)The Allisons: ARE YOU SURE (Fontana)
957123 (3)Billy Fury: HALFWAY TO PARADISE (Decca)
1053715 (1)Elvis Presley: ARE YOU LONESOME TONIGHT (RCA)
1151915 (1)Elvis Presley: SURRENDER (RCA)
1250618 (2)Ricky Nelson: HELLO MARY LOU / TRAVELLIN' MAN (London)
1349418 (1)Shirley Bassey: REACH FOR THE STARS / CLIMB EV'RY MOUNTAIN (Columbia)
1449210 (1)Elvis Presley: HIS LATEST FLAME / LITTLE SISTER (RCA)
1547515 (1)The Everly Brothers: TEMPTATION (Warner Bros)
1646015 (1)Petula Clark: SAILOR (Pye)
1743716 (1)The Temperance Seven: YOU'RE DRIVING ME CRAZY (Parlophone)
1843720 (3)The Shadows: FRIGHTENED CITY (Columbia)
194269 (1)Frankie Vaughan: TOWER OF STRENGTH (Philips)
2041913 (1)The Marcels: BLUE MOON (Pye Int.)
2139310 (1)Danny Williams: MOON RIVER (HMV)
2239240 (19)Andy Stewart: A SCHOTTISH SOLDIER (Top Rank)
2338519 (6)The Shadows: F.B.I. (Columbia)
2438319 (3)Clarence 'Frogman' Henry: BUT I DO (Pye Int.)
2537317 (4)The Temperance Seven: PASADENA (Parlophone)
2636714 (1)The Highwaymen: MICHAEL (ROW THE BOAT ASHORE) (HMV)
273569 (1)Johnny Tillotson: POETRY IN MOTION (London)
2835514 (3)Cliff Richard: THEME FOR A DREAM (Columbia)
2935516 (4)Bobby Vee: MORE THAN I CAN SAY / STAYING IN (London)
3035411 (2)Jimmy Dean: BIG BAD JOHN (Philips)
3135220 (3)Helen Shapiro: DON'T TREAT ME LIKE A CHILD (Columbia)
3234012 (1)The Shadows: KON-TIKI (Columbia)
3333615 (4)The Shirelles: WILL YOU LOVE ME TOMORROW (Top Rank)
3433515 (3)Petula Clark: ROMEO (Pye)
3532814 (3)Cliff Richard: A GIRL LIKE YOU (Columbia)
3632014 (1)Floyd Cramer: ON THE REBOUND (RCA)
3731111 (3)Bobby Vee: TAKE GOOD CARE OF MY BABY (London)
3830712 (3)Cliff Richard: WHEN THE GIRL IN YOUR ARMS IS THE GIRL IN YOUR HEART (Columbia)
3929914 (2)Duane Eddy & The Rebels: PEPE (London)
4029212 (2)Billy Fury: JEALOUSY (Decca)
4129217 (6) Ferrante & Teicher: THEME FROM EXODUS (London)
4228910 (2)John Leyton: WILD WIND (Top Rank)
4327812 (3)Matt Monro: PORTRAIT OF MY LOVE (Parlophone)
4427613 (5)Cleo Laine: YOU'LL ANSWER TO ME (Fontana)
4527513 (2)Bobby Darin: LAZY RIVER (London)
4627414 (5)Adam Faith: THIS IS IT / WHO I AM (Parlophone)
4727012 (3)Johnny Burnette: YOU'RE SIXTEEN (London)
4827017 (6)Shirley Bassey: YOU'LL NEVER KNOW (Columbia)
4927021 (9)Johnny Dankworth: AFRICAN WALTZ (Columbia)
5026012 (4)Elvis Presley: WILD IN THE COUNTRY / I FEEL SO BAD (RCA)
5125217 (7)Mr. Acker Bilk: THAT'S MY HOME (Columbia)
5225111 (4)Adam Faith: THE TIME HAS COME (Parlophone)
5324914 (4)Cliff Richard: GEE WHIZ IT'S YOU (Columbia)
5424820 (8)Karl Denver: MARCHETA (Decca)
5524815 (9)Roy Orbison: RUNNING SCARED (London)
5624712 (5)Matt Monro: MY KIND OF GIRL (Parlophone)
5724610 (2)Cliff Richard: I LOVE YOU (Columbia)
5824114 (5) Brook Brothers: WARPAINT (Pye)
592389 (2)Kenny Ball & his Jazzmen: MINIGHT IN MOSCOW (Pye Jazz)
6023214 (9)Craig Douglas: TIME (Top Rank)
6122712 (6)Del Shannon: HATS OFF TO LARRY (London)
6221716 (8)The String-a-Longs: WHEELS (London)
6321712 (8)The Ramrods: RIDERS IN THE SKY (London)
6421611 (6)Dave Brubeck Quartet: TAKE FIVE (Fontana)
6521512 (6)Clarence 'Frogman' Henry: YOU ALWAYS HURT THE ONE YOU LOVE (Pye Int.)
6621513 (7)Mr. Acker Bilk: BUONA SERA (Columbia)
6721515 (8)Lonnie Donegan: HAVE A DRINK ON ME (Pye)
6821321 (21)Joe Loss Orchestra: WHEELS CHA CHA (HMV)
6921214 (5)Connie Francis: WHERE THE BOYS ARE / BABY ROO (MGM)
7021112 (6)Anthony Newley: AND THE HEAVENS CRIED (Decca)
7121013 (7)US Bonds: QUARTER TO THREE (Top Rank)
7221015 (13)Kenny Ball & his Jazzmen: SAMANTHA (Pye Jazz)
7320612 (9)Laurie Johnson: SUCU SUCU (Pye)
7420511 (4)Bobby Vee: RUBBER BALL (London)
7520414 (7)Sam Cooke: CUPID (RCA)
7620311 (5)Tony Orlando: BLESS YOU (Fontana)
7720314 (8)Neil Sedaka: CALENDAR GIRL (RCA)
7819616 (15)Eddie Cochrane: WEEKEND (London)
7919514 (12)Buddy Holly: BABY I DON'T CARE / VALLEY OF TEARS (Coral)
8019311 (6)Connie Francis: TOGETHER (MGM)
8119212 (6)Ray Charles: HIT THE ROAD JACK (HMV)
8219113 (7)Linda Scott: I'VE TOLD EVERY LITTLE STAR (Columbia)
8318914 (10)Jerry Lee Lewis: WHAT'D I SAY (London)
8418711 (8)Karl Denver: MEXICALI ROSE (Decca)
8518613 (10)Bobby Vee: HOW MANY TEARS (London)
8618115 (12)Brenda Lee: LET'S JUMP THE BROOMSTICK (Brunswick)
8717910 (7)Duane Eddy & The Rebels: THEME FROM DIXIE (London)
881767 (4)Emile Ford & the Checkmates: COUNTING TEARDROPS (Pye)
8916612 (9)Neil Sedaka: LITTLE DEVIL (RCA)
901658 (3)The Drifters: SAVE THE LAST DANCE FOR ME (London)
9116511 (6)Lonnie Donegan: MICHAEL ROW THE BOAT / LUMBERED (Pye)
9216411 (10)Eden Kane: GET LOST (Decca)
9316210 (12)Adam Faith: DON'T YOU KNOW IT (Parlophone)
9415713 (14)Don Gibson: SEA OF HEARTBREAK (RCA)
951559 (4)Elvis Presley: IT'S NOW OR NEVER (RCA)
9615412 (12)Johnny Burnette: LITTLE BOY SAD (London)
9715111 (14)Charlie Drake: MY BOOMERANG WON'T COME BACK (Parlophone)
9815113 (17)Buzz Clifford: BABY SITTIN' BOOGIE (Fontana)
9914710 (12)Adam Faith: EASY GOING ME (Parlophone)
1001459 (9)Craig Douglas: A HUNDRED POUNDS OF CLAY (Top Rank)
10114311 (10)Bobby Darin: YOU MUST HAVE BEEN A BEAUTIFUL BABY (London)
10214211 (12)Connie Francis: BREAKING IN A BRAND NEW BROKEWN HEART (MGM)
1031408 (10)The Shadows: THE SAVAGE (Columbia)
1041399 (9)Marty Wilde: RUBBER BALL (Phillips)
1051399 (11) Dion: RUNAROUND SUE (Top Rank)
1061385 (4)Pat Boone: JOHNNY WILL (London)
1071377 (4)The Ventures: PERFIDIA (London)
10813710 (13) Brook Brothers: AIN'T GONNA WASH FOR A WEEK (Pye)
10913618 (28)Ken Dodd: ONCE IN EVERY LIFETIME (Decca)
1101349 (12)Anthony Newley: POP GOES THE WEASAL / BEE-BUM (Decca)
1111336 (6)Mr. Acker Bilk: STRANGER ON THE SHORE (Columbia)
1121328 (7)Petula Clark: MY FRIEND THE SEA (Pye)
11313210 (14)Mike Preston: MARRY ME (Decca)
1141259 (12)Bobby Rydell: SWAY (Columbia)
11512510 (14)The Piltdown Men: PILTDOWN RIDES AGAIN (Capitol)
11612210 (18)Pat Boone: MOODY RIVER (London)
1171187 (10)Shirley Bassey: I'LL GET BY (Columbia)
1181189 (12)Connie Francis: MANY TEARS TO GO (MGM)
11911810 (17)Duane Eddy & The Rebels: RING OF FIRE (London)
12011610 (14)Billy Fury: A THOUSAND STARS (Decca)
12111611 (16)US Bonds: NEW ORLEANS (Top Rank)
12211613 (23) Nina & Frederick: SUCU SUCU (Columbia)
1231158 (10)Anne Shelton: SAILOR (Philips)
12411411 (17)Hayley Mills: LET'S GET TOGETHER (Decca)
1251114 (3)Sandy Nelson: LET THERE BE DRUMS (London)
12611011 (19)The King Brothers: 73 TROMBONES (Parlophone)
1271099 (14) Johnny & the Hurricanes: JA DA (London)
1281098 (14)Maurice Williams & the Zodiacs: STAY (Top Rank)
12910411 (23)Pearl Carr & Teddy Johnson: HOW WONDERFUL TO KNOW (Columbia)
1301008 (12)Benny Hill: GATHER IN THE MUSHROOMS (Pye)
1311009 (19)Russ Conway: PEPE (Columbia)
13210010 (22)Troy Shondell: THIS TIME (London)
133988 (15)Frank Sinatra: GRANADA (Reprise)
134976 (7)Russ Conway: TOY BALLOONS (Columbia)
1359713 (28)Andy Stewart: THE BATTLE'S O'ER (Top Rank)
1369611 (22)Gene Vincent: SHE SHE LITTLE SHEILA (Capitol)
1379510 (21)The Viscounts: WHO PUT THE BOMP (Pye)
1389410 (22)Mr. Acker Bilk: STARS AND STRIPES FOREVER / CREOLE JAZZ (Columbia)
1399411 (26)Gene Pitney: I WANNA LOVE MY LIFE AWAY (London)
140937 (17)Jim Reeves: YOU'RE THE ONLY GOOD THING (RCA)
141926 (11)The Everly Brothers: LIKE STRANGERS (London)
142909 (25)Roy Orbison: CRYIN' (London)
143895 (6)Peter Sellers & Sophia Loren: GOODNESS GRACIOUS ME (Parlophone)
1448910 (25)Ral Donner: YOU DON'T KNOW WHAT YOU'VE GOT (Parlophone)
1458911 (27)Ben E. King: FIRST TASTE OF LOVE (London)
146888 (16)The Springfields: BAMBINO (Philips)
1478810 (18)Jess Conrad: MYSTERY GIRL (Decca)
148876 (7)The Shadows: MAN OF MYSTERY / THE STRANGER (Columbia)
1498710 (23)Dorothy Squires & Russ Conway: SAY IT WITH FLOWERS (Columbia)
150855 (11)Del Shannon: SO LONG BABY (London)
151848 (22)Shane Fenton & The Fentones: I'M A MOODY GUY (Parlophone)
151848 (22)Brenda Lee: DUM DUM (Brunswick)
153849 (24)Matt Monro: WHY NOT NOW / CAN THIS BE LOVE (Parlophone)
154838 (21)The King Brothers: DOLL HOUSE (Parlophone)
1558311 (23)Johnny Horton: NORTH TO ALASKA (Philips)
156828 (18)The Piltdown Men: GOODNIGHT MRS. FLINTSTONE (Capitol)
157786 (16)Marty Wilde: LITTLE GIRL (Phillips)
158788 (18)Jimmy Crawford: I LOVE HOW YOU LOVE ME (Columbia)
159756 (17)The G-Clefs: I UNDERSTAND (London)
160759 (29) Fireballs: QUITE A PARTY (Pye Int.)
161749 (30)Brook Benton: BOLL WEEVIL SONG (Mercury)
162715 (8) Johnny & the Hurricanes: ROCKING GOOSE (London)
163718 (25) Semprini: THEME FROM EXODUS (HMV)
1646810 (33) Krew-Kats: TRAMBONE (HMV)
165678 (24) Johnny & the Hurricanes: OLD SMOKEY / HIGH VOLTAGE (London)
167655 (14)Roy Orbison: BLUE ANGEL (London)
168658 (29)Nat 'King' Cole: LET TRUE LOVE BEGIN (Capitol)
1696310 (36)Nat 'King' Cole: THE WORLD IN MY ARMS (Capitol)
170624 (9)Billy Fury: I'D NEVER FIND ANOTHER YOU (Decca)
171628 (31)The Springfields: BREAKAWAY (Philips)
172613 (7)Bobby Darin: MULTIPLICATION (London)
173618 (26)Rhet Stoller: CHARLOT (Decca)
174606 (20)The Everly Brothers: MUSKRAT / DON'T BLAME ME (Warner Bros)
175597 (24)Bobby Darin: NATURE BOY (London)
176596 (24)Mike Berry & The Outlaws: TRIBUTE TO BUDDY HOLLY (HMV)
177584 (9)Anthony Newley: STRAWBERRY FAIR (Decca)
178588 (32)Harry Belafonte & The Odettes: HOLE IN THE BUCKET (RCA)
179578 (24) Jan & Dean: HEART & SOUL (London)
180576 (24)Kenny Ball & his Jazzmen: I STILL LOVE YOU (Pye Jazz)
181577 (29)Ernie K-Doe: MOTHER IN LAW (London)
182565 (17)Dorothy Provine: DON'T BRING LULU (Warner Bros.)
183566 (24)Benny Hill: TRANSISTOR RADIO (Pye)
184558 (36)Floyd Cramer: SAN ANTONIO ROSE (RCA)
184558 (36)Anthony Newley: WHAT KIND OF FOOL AM I (Decca)
186536 (28)Kenny Ball & his Jazzmen: SOMEDAY (Pye Jazz)
187537 (33)Frank Sinatra: MY BLUE HEAVEN (Capitol)
188527 (32)Mark Wynter: EXCLUSIVELY YOURS (Decca)
189517 (21)Shirley Bassey: AS LONG AS HE NEEDS ME (Columbia)
190515 (22)The Temperance Seven: CHARLESTON (Parlophone)
191517 (27)Ben E. King: STAND BY ME (London)
192506 (27)Chubby Checker: PONY TIME (Columbia)
193508 (41)Danny Williams: THE MIRACLE OF YOU (HMV)
194487 (29)Terry Lightfoot & his New Orleans Jazzmen: KING KONG (Columbia)
195475 (22)Peter Sellers & Sophia Loren: BANGERS & MASH (Parlophone)
196476 (28)The Drifters: I COUNT THE TEARS (London)
197476 (33)Joe Brown: SHINE (Pye)
198454 (18)Mrs. Mills: MRS. MILLS' MEDLEY (Parlophone)
199457 (35) Kokomo: ASIA MINOR (London)
200447 (41)Ray Peterson: CORRINA CORRINA (London)

Top 100 Artists 1961

Pos. Pts. No.Wks.Artist/Act
12767688Elvis Presley
21745358Helen Shapiro
31485564Cliff Richard
41389565The Shadows
51219443The Everly Brothers
61096339Del Shannon
71088551Bobby Vee
81054547Billy Fury
9940327John Leyton
10933449Shirley Bassey
11933439Petula Clark
12895442The Temperance Seven
13873548Adam Faith
14766232Eden Kane
15736654Connie Francis
16694446Mr. Acker Bilk
17652642Duane Eddy (& The Rebels)
18625436Matt Monro
19613221The Allisons
20610333Clarence 'Frogman' Henry
21558436Kenny Ball & his Jazzmen
22549223Rick Nelson
23543535Bobby Darin
24489253Andy Stewart
25468430Johnny Burnette
26460321Danny Williams
27458433Anthony Newley
28441217The Marcels
29435231Karl Denver
30435329Neil Sedaka
3142619Frankie Vaughan
32409430Roy Orbison
33396328Lonnie Donegan
34386217The Highwaymen
35378224 Brook Brothers
36377223Craig Douglas
37375222Floyd Cramer
38367211Johnny Tillotson
39354111Jimmy Dean
40336115The Shirelles
41326224US Bonds
42313529Russ Conway
43292117 Ferrante & Teicher
44291427Brenda Lee
45276113Cleo Laine
46270121Johnny Dankworth
47266422Marty Wilde
48260215Pat Boone
49247322 Johnny & the Hurricanes
50242317Emile Ford (& the Checkmates)
51237220Buddy Holly
52221220Eddie Cochrane
53218222Joe Loss Orchestra
54217116The String-a-Longs
55217112The Ramrods
56216111Dave Brubeck Quartet
57212214The Drifters
58211215Ray Charles
59207218The Piltdown Men
60206112Laurie Johnson
61204114Sam Cooke
62203111Tony Orlando
63196214Linda Scott
64193219The King Brothers
65189114Jerry Lee Lewis
66181419Frank Sinatra
67168216Bobby Rydell
68166312The Ventures
69165322Ben E. King
70161212Charlie Drake
71157318 Nina & Frederick
72157113Don Gibson
73156214Benny Hill
74151113Buzz Clifford
75150216The Springfields
76145212Mike Preston
77145210 Dion
78136319Nat 'King' Cole
79136118Ken Dodd
80136210Peter Sellers & Sophia Loren
81126215Gene Vincent
8211518Anne Shelton
83114111Hayley Mills
8411114Sandy Nelson
8510918Maurice Williams & the Zodiacs
86104111Pearl Carr
87104111Teddy Johnson
88100110Troy Shondell
8999313Mark Wynter
909827Jim Reeves
9195110The Viscounts
9294111Gene Pitney
9389110Ral Donner
9488110Jess Conrad
9587110Dorothy Squires
9684211Chubby Checker
978418Shane Fenton & The Fentones
9883111Johnny Horton
998329Jimmy Crawford
10079210Brook Benton

Top 20 Labels 1961

Pos. Pts. ShareNos.Wks.Label/Company
728066.66%17172Top Rank


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