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Top 200 Singles 1960

CWSRPSArtist: Title (Label)
Pos. Pts.Wks.(HP)
177118 (1)The Everly Brothers: CATHY'S CLOWN (Warner Bros.)
274521 (1)The Shadows: APACHE / QUARTERMASSTER'S STORES (Columbia)
372918 (1)Cliff Richard & The Shadows: PLEASE DON'T TEASE (Columbia)
469010 (1)Elvis Presley with The Jordanaires: IT'S NOW OR NEVER (RCA)
568623 (2)Shirley Bassey: AS LONG AS HE NEEDS ME (Columbia)
667623 (1)Roy Orbison: ONLY THE LONELY (KNOW HOW I FEEL) (London)
765317 (1)Anthony Newley: WHY (Decca)
860924 (3)Jimmy Jones: HANDY MAN (MGM)
958418 (2)Elvis Presley with The Jordanaires: A MESS OF BLUES / THE GIRL OF MY BEST FRIEND (RCA)
1055715 (1)Jimmy Jones: GOOD TIMIN' (MGM)
1154015 (1)Anthony Newley: DO YOU MIND (Decca)
1251815 (1)Eddie Cochran: THREE STEPS TO HEAVEN (London)
1351616 (1)Ricky Valance: TELL LAURA I LOVE HER (Columbia)
1451519 (1)Johnny Kidd & The Pirates: SHAKIN' ALL OVER (HMV)
1550313 (1)Lonnie Donegan & his Group: MY OLD MAN'S A DUSTMAN (BALLAD OF A REFUSE DISPOSAL OFFICER) (Pye)
1649315 (1)Johnny Preston: RUNNING BEAR (Mercury)
1749118 (2)Duane Eddy: BECAUSE THEY'RE YOUNG (London)
1848730 (2)Percy Faith Orchestra: THEME FROM `A SUMMER PLACE' (Philips)
1947317 (1)Adam Faith: POOR ME (Parlophone)
2045819 (2)Connie Francis: MAMA / ROBOT MAN (MGM)
2143315 (2)Cliff Richard & The Shadows: FALL IN LOVE WITH YOU / WILLIE & THE HAND JIVE (Columbia)
2242716 (2)Johnny Preston: CRADLE OF LOVE (Mercury)
2340615 (3) Johnny & The Hurricanes: ROCKING GOOSE (London)
2440215 (2)Cliff Richard & The Shadows: A VOICE IN THE WILDERNESS (Columbia)
2539316 (4)The Everly Brothers: WHEN WILL I BE LOVED / BE-BOP-A-LU-LA (London)
2639110 (2)The Drifters: SAVE THE LAST DANCE FOR ME (London)
2738631 (12)Jim Reeves: HE'LL HAVE TO GO (RCA)
2836819 (4)Brenda Lee: SWEET NUTHIN'S (Brunswick)
2935013 (2)Adam Faith: SOMEONE ELSE'S BABY / BIG TIME (Parlophone)
3034814 (1)Emile Ford & The Checkmates: WHAT DO YOU WANT TO MAKE THOSE EYES AT ME FOR? (Pye)
3134614 (3)Freddy Cannon: WAY DOWN YONDER IN NEW ORLEANS (Top Rank)
3233517 (5)Lonnie Donegan: I WANNA GO HOME (THE WRECK OF THE JOHN `B') (Pye)
3333416 (3)Tommy Bruce & The Bruisers: AIN'T MISBEHAVIN' (Columbia)
3431710 (1)Michael Holliday: STARRY EYED (Columbia)
3530518 (6)Bob Luman: LET'S THINK ABOUT LIVING (Warner Bros.)
362976 (1)Cliff Richard & The Shadows: I LOVE YOU / `D' IN LOVE (Columbia)
3729412 (3)Cliff Richard & The Shadows: NINE TIMES OUT OF TEN (Columbia)
3829415 (4)The Everly Brothers: LUCILLE / SO SAD (TO WATCH GOOD LOVE GO BAD) (Warner Bros.)
3929415 (5)Johnny Burnette: DREAMIN' (London)
4029218 (8)Ken Dodd: LOVE IS LIKE A VIOLIN (Decca)
4129115 (4)Anthony Newley: IF SHE SHOULD COME TO YOU (LA MONTANA) (Decca)
4228913 (3)Perry Como: DELAWARE (RCA)
4328413 (4)Duane Eddy: SHAZAM! (London)
4428214 (3)Elvis Presley with The Jordanaires: STUCK ON YOU / FAME & FORTUNE (RCA)
4528219 (7)The Kaye Sisters: PAPER ROSES (Philips)
4628119 (5)Mr. Acker Bilk & his Paramount Jazz Band: SUMMER SET (Columbia)
4728119 (8) Johnny & The Hurricanes: BEATNIK FLY (London)
4828014 (3)Emile Ford & The Checkmates: ON A SLOW BOAT TO CHINA (Pye)
4927914 (4)Adam Faith: HOW ABOUT THAT! / WITH OPEN ARMS (Parlophone)
5027916 (7)Marv Johnson: YOU GOT WHAT IT TAKES (London)
5127715 (5)Max Bygraves: FINGS AIN'T WOT THEY USED T'BE (Decca)
5227513 (4)Steve Lawrence: FOOTSTEPS (HMV)
5327419 (9)Hank Locklin: PLEASE HELP ME I'M FALLING (RCA)
5426814 (4)Craig Douglas: PRETTY BLUE EYES (Top Rank)
5526213 (5)Connie Francis: EVERYBODY'S SOMEBODY'S FOOL (MGM)
5624816 (12)Brenda Lee: I'M SORRY (Brunswick)
5724411 (2)Adam Faith: WHAT DO YOU WANT? (Parlophone)
5824214 (9)Johnny Mathis: MY LOVE FOR YOU (Fontana)
5924010 (3)Connie Francis: MY HEART HAS A MIND OF ITS OWN (MGM)
6023813 (5)Adam Faith: WHEN JOHNNY COMES MARCHING HOME / MADE YOU (Parlophone)
6123715 (8)Neil Sedaka: STAIRWAY TO HEAVEN (RCA)
622319 (5)The Shadows: MAN OF MYSTERY / THE STRANGER (Columbia)
632219 (4)Peter Sellers & Sophia Loren: GOODNESS GRACIOUS ME! (Parlophone)
6421815 (7)Bobby Rydell: WILD ONE (Columbia)
6521713 (7)Michael Cox: ANGELA JONES (Triumph)
662168 (3) Nina & Frederik: LITTLE DONKEY (Columbia)
6721311 (5)Tommy Steele: WHAT A MOUTH (WHAT A NORTH & SOUTH) (Decca)
6921114 (7)Garry Mills: LOOK FOR A STAR (Top Rank)
7021015 (11)Jack Scott: WHAT IN THE WORLD'S COME OVER YOU (Top Rank)
712037 (3)Anthony Newley: STRAWBERRY FAIR (Decca)
7220214 (11)John Barry Seven: WALK DON'T RUN (Columbia)
7319913 (9)Rolf Harris & his Wobble Board with The Rhythm Spinners: TIE ME KANGAROO DOWN SPORT (Columbia)
7419918 (14)The Piltdown Men: MCDONALD'S CAVE (Capitol)
7519811 (9)Sam Cooke: CHAIN GANG (RCA)
7619112 (4)Lance Fortune: BE MINE (Pye)
771919 (5)Guy Mitchell: HEARTACHES BY THE NUMBER (Philips)
7818913 (8)The Ventures: WALK DON'T RUN (Top Rank)
7918711 (4)The King Brothers: STANDING ON THE CORNER (Parlophone)
8018612 (8)Bobby Darin: CLEMENTINE (London)
8118512 (8)Bobby Darin: LA MER (BEYOND THE SEA) (London)
8217812 (9)Connie Stevens with Don Ralke: SIXTEEN REASONS (Warner Bros.)
8317813 (10)John Barry Seven + Four: HIT & MISS (THEME FROM `JUKE BOY JURY') (Columbia)
841738 (4)Adam Faith with the children: LONELY PUP (IN A CHRISTMAS SHOP) (Parlophone)
8517011 (7)Tommy Steele: LITTLE WHITE BULL (Decca)
861647 (3)Neil Sedaka: OH! CAROL (RCA)
8716311 (11)Roy Orbison: BLUE ANGEL / TODAY'S TEARDROPS (London)
8816211 (12)Charlie Drake: MR. CUSTER (Parlophone)
891566 (3)Johnny Tillotson: POETRY IN MOTION (London)
9015611 (8) Johnny & The Hurricanes: DOWN YONDER (London)
911557 (4)Elmer Bernstein: STACCATO'S THEME (JOHNNY STACCATO) (Capitol)
9215510 (8)Frankie Laine: RAWHIDE (Philips)
9315016 (18)Emile Ford: THEM THERE EYES (Pye)
9414811 (11)The Platters: HARBOUR LIGHTS (Mercury)
9514311 (12)Johnny Mathis: MISTY (Fontana)
961429 (10)Craig Douglas: HEART OF A TEENAGE GIRL (Top Rank)
9713812 (15)Frank Sinatra: NICE`N'EASY (Capitol)
9813210 (11)Mark Wynter: IMAGE OF A GIRL (Decca)
9913214 (24)Edith Piaf: MILORD (Columbia)
10012511 (19)Billy Fury: THAT'S LOVE (Decca)
10112210 (15)Billy Bland: LET THE LITTLE GIRL DANCE (London)
10212111 (20)Bryan Johnson: LOOKING HIGH, HIGH, HIGH (Decca)
10312010 (9)Billy Fury: COLETTE (Decca)
10412011 (18)Johnny Preston: FEEL SO FINE / I'M STARTING TO GO STEADY (Mercury)
10511810 (13)Duane Eddy: BONNIE CAME BACK (London)
1061179 (12)Emile Ford & The Checkmates: YOU'LL NEVER KNOW WHAT YOU'RE MISSING (Pye)
1071179 (15)Gene Vincent & The Beat Boys: PISTOL PACKIN' MAMA (Capitol)
10811510 (17)Jerry Lordan: WHO COULD BE BLUER? (Parlophone)
10911410 (16)The King Brothers: MAIS OUI (Parlophone)
11011413 (23)The Fabulous Flee-Rekkers: GREEN JEANS (Triumph)
1111138 (10)Lonnie Donegan: LORELEI (Pye)
1121129 (13)Duane Eddy & The Rebels: KOMMOTION (London)
1131107 (11)Frank Sinatra: OL' MACDONALD (Capitol)
1141107 (13)Lonnie Donegan & his Group: LIVELY (Pye)
1151109 (13)The Everly Brothers: LET IT BE ME (London)
1161109 (18)Nat `King' Cole: JUST AS MUCH AS EVER (Capitol)
11710814 (23)Bob Azzam & his Orchestra: MUSTAPHA (Decca)
11810812 (24)Garry Mills: TOP TEEN BABY (Top Rank/EMI)
1191077 (11)Fats Domino: BE MY GUEST (London)
1201068 (10)Nat `King' Cole: THAT'S YOU (Capitol)
12110410 (18)Freddy Cannon: THE URGE (Top Rank)
12210311 (19)Fats Domino: COUNTRY BOY (London)
1231026 (11)Max Harris & his Group: GURNEY SLADE (Fontana)
1241019 (14)Russ Conway: LUCKY FIVE (Columbia)
12510010 (16)Russ Conway: PASSING BREEZE (Columbia)
1261009 (18)Frank Sinatra: RIVER, STAY `WAY FROM MY DOOR (Capitol)
1279911 (21)Teresa Brewer: HOW DO YOU KNOW IT'S LOVE (Coral)
128986 (9)The Ventures: PERFIDIA (London)
130938 (16)The Viscounts: SHORTNIN' BREAD (Pye)
1319310 (19)Fats Domino: WALKING TO NEW ORLEANS (London)
132929 (19)Ella Fitzgerald: MACK THE KNIFE (HMV)
1339110 (24)The Hollywood Argyles: ALLEY-OOP (London)
1358610 (23)Mike Preston: I'D DO ANYTHING (Decca)
136858 (15)Russ Conway: ROYAL EVENT (Columbia)
137859 (24)Mark Wynter: KICKIN' UP THE LEAVES (Decca)
138838 (19)Marty Robbins: EL PASO (Fontana)
1398211 (28)Bert Weedon: SORRY ROBBIE (Top Rank/EMI)
1408212 (36) Makadopoulos & his Greek Serenaders: NEVER ON SUNDAY (Palette)
141805 (13)Ernie Fields & his Orchestra: IN THE MOOD (London)
1427910 (29) Manuel & his Music of the Mountains [aka Geoff Love & his Orchestra]: NEVER ON SUNDAY (Columbia)
143788 (16)Gene Vincent & his Blue Caps: MY HEART (Capitol)
144765 (11)Emile Ford & The Checkmates: COUNTING TEARDROPS (Pye)
1457610 (27)Don Costa & his Orchestra & Chorus: NEVER ON SUNDAY (London)
146759 (25)Billy Fury: WONDROUS PLACE (Decca)
147709 (30)Mr. Acker Bilk & his Paramount Jazz Band: THE WHITE CLIFFS OF DOVER (Columbia)
148699 (30)Lyn Cornell: NEVER ON SUNDAY (Decca)
149677 (22)Frank Ifield: LUCKY DEVIL (Columbia)
150678 (27)Edward Byrns & Connie Stevens: KOOKIE, KOOKIE (LEND ME YOUR COMB) (Warner Bros.)
151657 (22)Johnny Kidd & The Pirates: RESTLESS (HMV)
152657 (25)Buddy Holly: TRUE LOVE WAYS (Coral)
153658 (26)Buddy Greco: THE LADY IS A TRAMP (Fontana)
154648 (27)Connie Francis: VALENTINO (MGM)
155629 (32)The Fendermen: MULE SKINNER BLUES (Top Rank)
156616 (22)Bobby Rydell: VOLARE (Columbia)
157618 (27)Sam Cooke: WONDERFUL WORLD (HMV)
158618 (32)Wanda Jackson: LET'S HAVE A PARTY (Capitol)
159597 (27)Russ Conway: EVEN MORE PARTY POPS (MEDLEY) (Columbia)
160584 (12)Matt Monro: PORTRAIT OF MY LOVE (Parlophone)
161577 (25)Tommy Sands: THE OLD OAKEN BUCKET (Capitol)
162567 (28)The Four Preps: GOT A GIRL (Capitol)
163568 (29)Joan Regan: PAPA LOVES MAMA (Pye)
164569 (38)Johnny Mathis: YOU ARE BEAUTIFUL (Fontana)
165543 (9)Marty Wilde: BAD BOY (Philips)
166526 (29)Brian Hyland: FOUR LITTLE HEELS (London)
167517 (29)James Darren: BECAUSE THEY'RE YOUNG (Pye Int.)
168504 (20)Frankie Avalon: WHY (HMV)
169494 (17)The Drifters: DANCE WITH ME (London)
170496 (29)Dave Sampson & The Hunters: SWEET DREAMS (Columbia)
171483 (12)Cliff Richard & The Shadows: TRAVELLIN' LIGHT (Columbia)
172487 (32)Bill Black's Combo: DON'T BE CRUEL (London)
173475 (26)Lance Fortune: THIS LOVE I HAVE FOR YOU (Pye)
174464 (18)The Everly Brothers: LIKE STRANGERS (London)
175464 (22)Eddie Cochran: HALLELUJAH, I LOVE HER SO (London)
176465 (24)Ray Charles: GEORGIA ON MY MIND (HMV)
177454 (21)Connie Francis: AMONG MY SOUVENIRS (MGM)
178457 (33)Paul Anka: PUPPY LOVE (Columbia)
179447 (33)Jackie Wilson: (YOU WERE MADE FOR) ALL MY LOVE (Coral)
180435 (21)Gene Vincent & his Blue Caps: WILD CAT (Capitol)
181435 (27)Lonnie Donegan: VIRGIN MARY (Pye)
182426 (34)Joe Brown & The Bruvvers: THE DARK TOWN STRUTTERS' BALL (Decca)
183414 (24)Bobby Rydell: SWAY (Columbia)
184416 (31)Brenda Lee: I WANT TO BE WANTED (Brunswick)
185416 (34)Frankie Vaughan: MILORD (Philips)
186393 (19) Little Tony & his Brothers: TOO GOOD (Decca)
187394 (23)Nat `King' Cole: TIME AND THE RIVER (Capitol)
188395 (30)Mr. Acker Bilk & his Paramount Jazz Band: BUONA SERA (Columbia)
189386 (38)Shirley Bassey: WITH THESE HANDS (Columbia)
190372 (14) Johnny & The Hurricanes: REVEILLE ROCK (London)
191375 (27)Alma Cogan: THE TRAIN OF LOVE (HMV)
192375 (31)Frankie Vaughan: KOOKIE LITTLE PARADISE (Philips)
193375 (36)Sammy Masters: ROCKIN' RED WING (Warner Bros.)
194376 (41)Brook Benton: KIDDIO (Mercury)
195364 (30)Marty Wilde: JOHNNY ROCCO (Philips)
196355 (33)The Crickets: BABY MY HEART / MORE THAN I CAN SAY (Coral)
197355 (33)John Barry Seven: BLACK STOCKINGS (Columbia)
198344 (24)Bert Weedon: APACHE (Top Rank)
199345 (37)Nelson Keene: IMAGE OF A GIRL (HMV)
200334 (27)Keith Kelly: (MUST YOU ALWAYS) TEASE ME / OOH-LA-LA (Parlophone)

Top 100 Artists 1960

1959Pos. Pts. No.Wks.Artist/Act
-12298776Cliff Richard & The Shadows
-21757676Adam Faith
-31687454Anthony Newley
-41614562The Everly Brothers
-51567443Elvis Presley
-61199444Jimmy Jones
-71104550Lonnie Donegan
-81069554Connie Francis
-91061445Johnny Preston
-101021551Duane Eddy
-11976230The Shadows
-12971558Emile Ford & The Checkmates
-13905549 Johnny & The Hurricanes
-14839234Roy Orbison
-15724229Shirley Bassey
-16657341Brenda Lee
-17611329Johnny Kidd & The Pirates
-18590323Eddie Cochran
-19516116Ricky Valance
-20487130Percy Faith Orchestra
-21472327Freddy Cannon
-22453436Johnny Mathis
-23452538John Barry Orchestra/Seven
-24440214The Drifters
-25419325Neil Sedaka
-26416324Craig Douglas
-27402428Bobby Darin
-28395434Mr. Acker Bilk & his Paramount Jazz Band
-29390323Tommy Steele
-30386131Jim Reeves
-31365531Frank Sinatra
-32359220Tommy Bruce & The Bruisers
-33351535Russ Conway
-34341314Michael Holliday
-35326426Bobby Rydell
-36320531Fats Domino
-37320330Billy Fury
-38319226Garry Mills
-39311219Bob Luman
-40305320Marv Johnson
-41301221The King Brothers
-42294115Johnny Burnette
-43292118Ken Dodd
-44289113Perry Como
-45287219The Ventures
-46282119The Kaye Sisters
-47282216Max Bygraves
-48280214Steve Lawrence
-49274119Hank Locklin
-50265219Brian Hyland
-51259219Sam Cooke
-52255321Nat `King' Cole
-53245220Connie Stevens
-54238322Gene Vincent
-55238217Lance Fortune
-56229215Michael Cox
-57228210 Nina & Frederik
-58226217Jack Scott
-5922119Peter Sellers & Sophia Loren
-60217219Mark Wynter
-61199118The Piltdown Men
-62199113Rolf Harris & his Wobble Board with The Rhythm Spinners
-6319119Guy Mitchell
-64162111Charlie Drake
-6515616Johnny Tillotson
-66155110Frankie Laine
-6715517Elmer Bernstein
-68150421Bert Weedon
-69148111The Platters
-70147314Jerry Lordan
-71132114Edith Piaf
-72126411Marty Wilde
-73122110Billy Bland
-74121111Bryan Johnson
-75114113The Fabulous Flee-Rekkers
-7611439The Avons
-77113313Buddy Holly
-78108114Bob Azzam & his Orchestra
-79105213Mike Preston
-8010216Max Harris & his Group
-81100313Frankie Vaughan
-8299111Teresa Brewer
-8398210Ella Fitzgerald
-849318The Viscounts
-8591110The Hollywood Argyles
-8689412Joan Regan
-878829Marty Robbins
-8882112 Makadopoulos & his Greek Serenaders
-8980411Paul Anka
-908015Ernie Fields & his Orchestra
-9179110 Manuel & his Music of the Mountains [aka Geoff Love & his Orchestra]
-9276110Don Costa & his Orchestra & Chorus
-937528Frankie Avalon
-947228Frank Ifield
-956919Lyn Cornell
-966718Edward Byrns
-976518Buddy Greco
-986219The Fendermen
-996118Wanda Jackson
-1005814Matt Monro

Top 15 Labels 1960

'55'56'57'58'59Pos. Pts. ShareNos.Wks.Label/Company
----10818964.63%22144Top Rank/EMI
-----916584.05%777Warner Bros.


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