NME Singles - 1958



Top 100 Singles 1958

CWSRPSArtist: Title (Label)
Pos. Pts.Wks.(HP)
197321 (1)The Everly Brothers: ALL I HAVE TO DO IS DREAM / CLAUDETTE (London)
295025 (1)Connie Francis: WHO'S SORRY NOW (MGM)
388417 (1)Perry Como: MAGIC MOMENTS (RCA)
481619 (1)Connie Francis: STUPID CUPID / CAROLINA MOON (MGM)
575718 (1)The Kalin Twins: WHEN (Brunswick)
667915 (1)Michael Holliday: THE STORY OF MY LIFE (Columbia)
765425 (3)Max Bygraves: TULIPS FROM AMSTERDAM / YOU NEED HANDS (Decca)
861815 (1)Marvin Rainwater: WHOLE LOTTA WOMAN (MGM)
959214 (1)Elvis Presley: JAILHOUSE ROCK (RCA)
1058717 (1)Vic Damone: ON THE STREET WHERE YOU LIVE (Philips)
1158311 (1)Jack Good pres. Lord Rockingham's XI: HOOTS MON (Decca)
1257814 (1)Tommy Edwards: IT'S ALL IN THE GAME (MGM)
1357022 (2)Dean Martin: RETURN TO ME (Capitol)
1447516 (2)The Everly Brothers: BIRD DOG (London)
1547417 (2)Pat Boone: A WONDERFUL TIME UP THERE (London)
1647114 (2) Elias & his Zig Zag Jive Flutes: TOM HARK (Columbia)
1746114 (2)Dean Martin: VOLARE (NEL BLU DIPINTO DI BLU) (Capitol)
184328 (1)Conway Twitty: IT'S ONLY MAKE BELIEVE (MGM)
1942614 (2)The Four Preps: BIG MAN (Capitol)
2041213 (2)Marino Marini & his Quartet: COME PRIMA (Durium)
2140614 (3) Danny & The Juniors: AT THE HOP (HMV)
2239417 (2)Cliff Richard with The Drifters: MOVE IT! (Columbia)
2339315 (4)Johnny Mathis: A CERTAIN SMILE (Fontana)
2438213 (3)Frank Sinatra: ALL THE WAY / CHICAGO (Capitol)
2537913 (3)The Crickets: OH BOY! (Vogue-Coral [later Coral])
2637818 (3)The Platters: TWILIGHT TIME (Mercury)
2735918 (7)Pat Boone: APRIL LOVE (London)
2835114 (4)Marty Wilde & The Wildcats: ENDLESS SLEEP (Philips)
2933814 (3)Ted Heath & his Music: SWINGIN' SHEPHERD BLUES (Decca)
3032911 (2)Elvis Presley with The Jordanaires: HARD HEADED WOMAN (RCA)
3132714 (2)Elvis Presley with The Jordanaires: KING CREOLE (RCA)
3232611 (2)Elvis Presley with The Jordanaires: DON'T (RCA)
3332314 (4)Ricky Nelson: POOR LITTLE FOOL (London)
343209 (1)Jerry Lee Lewis: GREAT BALLS OF FIRE (London)
3530812 (3)Tommy Dorsey Orchestra starring Warren Covington: TEA FOR TWO CHA-CHA (Brunswick)
3630814 (5)Buddy Holly: RAVE ON (Coral)
3729911 (3)Tommy Steele: NAIROBI (Decca)
3829313 (3)Michael Holliday: STAIRWAY OF LOVE (Columbia)
3929315 (6)Lonnie Donegan & his Skiffle Group: THE GRAND COOLIE DAM (Pye Nixa)
4029316 (8)Pérez Prado & his Orchestra: PATRICIA (RCA)
4129012 (5)Malcolm Vaughan: MORE THAN EVER (COME PRIMA) (HMV)
422848 (2)The Johnny Otis Show feat. Marie Adams & Three Tons Of Joy: MA (HE'S MAKING EYES AT ME) (Capitol)
432779 (2)The Mudlarks: LOLLIPOP (Columbia)
4426912 (6)Buddy Holly: PEGGY SUE / EVERYDAY (Vogue-Coral [later Coral])
4526713 (6)Paul Anka: YOU ARE MY DESTINY (Columbia)
462657 (3)Lonnie Donegan & his Skiffle Group: TOM DOOLEY (Pye Nixa)
4725811 (5)Marion Ryan: LOVE ME FOREVER (Pye Nixa)
4825110 (3)Elvis Presley with The Jordanaires: WEAR MY RING AROUND YOUR NECK (RCA)
4924811 (5)Don Lang & his `Frantic' Five: WITCH DOCTOR (HMV)
5024412 (6)Pat Boone: SUGAR MOON (London)
5124211 (5)The Poni-Tails: BORN TOO LATE (HMV)
5223310 (4)The Crickets: MAYBE BABY (Coral)
5323211 (6)Bernard Bresslaw: MAD PASSIONATE LOVE (HMV)
5422914 (9)Eddie Calvert: MANDY (LA PANSE) (Columbia)
5522811 (5)Peggy Lee: FEVER (Capitol)
5622111 (7)Charlie Drake: SPLISH SPLASH (Parlophone)
5721412 (10)Frankie Vaughan: KEWPIE DOLL (Philips)
582139 (7)Perry Como: LOVE MAKES THE WORLD GO `ROUND (RCA)
592109 (5)The Champs: TEQUILA (London)
6020712 (7)Pat Boone: IT'S TOO SOON TO KNOW (London)
6120412 (10)Domenico Modugno: VOLARE (NEL BLU DIPINTO DI BLU) (Oriole)
622038 (4)Malcolm Vaughan: MY SPECIAL ANGEL (HMV)
6319513 (14)Robert Earl: I MAY NEVER PASS THIS WAY AGAIN (Philips)
641929 (4)Jackie Dennis: LA DEE DAH (Decca)
6519014 (14)Joe `Mr. Piano' Henderson: TRUDIE (Pye Nixa)
6619014 (16)David Whitfield: ON THE STREET WHERE YOU LIVE (Decca)
671837 (5)The Kingston Trio: TOM DOOLEY (Capitol)
6818312 (14)Malcolm Vaughan: TO BE LOVED (HMV)
691769 (8)The Mudlarks: BOOK OF LOVE (Columbia)
701749 (5)Michael Medwin, Alfie Bass, Bernard Bresslaw, Leslie Fyson: 'THE ARMY GAME' [SIGNATURE TUNE] (HMV)
7117310 (9)Perry Como: CATCH A FALLING STAR (RCA)
7217210 (11)Larry Williams: BONY MORONIE (London)
731688 (6)The Chordettes: LOLLIPOP (London)
741689 (8) Little Richard: GOOD GOLLY MISS MOLLY (London)
751689 (9)Ricky Nelson: SOMEDAY (London)
761678 (7)Jimmie Rodgers: KISSES SWEETER THAN WINE (Columbia)
7716210 (11)Connie Francis: I'M SORRY I MADE YOU CRY (MGM)
781577 (7)Cliff Richard with The Drifters: HIGH CLASS BABY (Columbia)
7915610 (9)Jack Scott: MY TRUE LOVE (London)
8015610 (14)Jodie Sands: SOMEDAY (YOU'LL WANT ME TO WANT YOU) (HMV)
811538 (10)Tommy Steele: COME ON LET'S GO (Decca)
821498 (8)Frankie Vaughan: KISSES SWEETER THAN WINE (Philips)
8314511 (16)Doris Day: A VERY PRECIOUS LOVE (Philips)
8414311 (17)Perry Como: MOON TALK (RCA)
8514211 (16)Pat Boone: IF DREAMS CAME TRUE (London)
861368 (10)Harry Belafonte: MARY'S BOY CHILD (RCA)
871358 (12)The Coasters: YAKETY YAK (London)
881358 (12)Sheb Wooley: THE PURPLE PEOPLE EATER (MGM)
8913311 (16)Alma Cogan: SUGARTIME (HMV)
901327 (8)Jerry Lee Lewis: BREATHLESS (London)
911327 (11)Lonnie Donegan & his Skiffle Group: SALLY DON'T YOU GRIEVE / BETTY, BETTY, BETTY (Pye Nixa)
921318 (12)The Olympics: WESTERN MOVIES (HMV)
9312910 (19)Duane Eddy with The Rebels: REBEL ROUSER (London)
941266 (7)Jackie Wilson: REET PETITE (Vogue-Coral)
951267 (9)Perry Como: KEWPIE DOLL (RCA)
961208 (11)Bill Justis & his Orchestra: RAUNCHY (London)
971208 (12)Frank Sinatra: WITCHCRAFT (Capitol)
981146 (6)Paul Anka: I LOVE YOU, BABY (Columbia)
991137 (11)The Crickets: THINK IT OVER (Coral)
1001139 (15)Julius LaRosa: TORERO (RCA)

Top 50 Artists 1958

1957Pos. Pts. No.Wks.Artist/Act
-12092667Connie Francis
-21938869Elvis Presley
-31756769Perry Como
-41548341The Everly Brothers
-51471774Pat Boone
-61031236Dean Martin
-71014432Michael Holliday
-8836741Lonnie Donegan
-9757118The Kalin Twins
-10735431The Crickets
-11703222Marvin Rainwater
-12686328Max Bygraves
-13676332Malcolm Vaughan
-14657432Buddy Holly
-15631321Vic Damone
-16619432Tommy Steele
-17583111Jack Good pres. Lord Rockingham's XI
-18578114Tommy Edwards
-19551224Cliff Richard with The Drifters
-20544325Frank Sinatra
-21542534Frankie Vaughan
-22524220Marino Marini & his Quartet
-23523426Ricky Nelson
-24481323Johnny Mathis
-25471114 Elias & his Zig Zag Jive Flutes
-26453218The Mudlarks
-27452216Jerry Lee Lewis
-28446524Paul Anka
-2943218Conway Twitty
-30430322Ted Heath & his Music
-31426114The Four Preps
-32406114 Danny & The Juniors
-33378118The Platters
-34370215The Johnny Otis Show
-35351114Marty Wilde & The Wildcats
-36308112Tommy Dorsey Orchestra starring Warren Covington
-37293116Pérez Prado
-38283317Jimmie Rodgers
-39281319Harry Belafonte
-40258111Marion Ryan
-41249216Eddie Calvert
-42248111Don Lang & his `Frantic' Five
-43243415 Little Richard
-44242111The Poni-Tails
-45241213Charlie Drake
-46236217Robert Earl
-47235318David Whitfield
-48232111Bernard Bresslaw
-49228111Peggy Lee
-50215214Jackie Wilson

Top 15 Labels 1958

'53'54'55'56'57Pos. Pts. ShareNos.Wks.Label/Company
--12951015524.40%1283Pye Nixa

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