NME Singles - 1957



Top 100 Singles 1957

CWSRPSArtist: Title (Label)
Pos. Pts.Wks.(HP)
199622 (1)Paul Anka: DIANA (Columbia)
289921 (1)Elvis Presley: ALL SHOOK UP (HMV)
389518 (1)Tab Hunter: YOUNG LOVE (London)
479821 (2)Pat Boone: LOVE LETTERS IN THE SAND (London)
572519 (1)Lonnie Donegan & his Skiffle Group: PUTTIN' ON THE STYLE / GAMBLIN' MAN (Pye Nixa)
665817 (1)Guy Mitchell: SINGING THE BLUES (Philips)
763525 (3)Harry Belafonte: ISLAND IN THE SUN (RCA)
861816 (1)Johnnie Ray: YES TONIGHT, JOSEPHINE (Philips)
960516 (2)Pat Boone: DON'T FORBID ME (London)
1060213 (1)Frankie Vaughan: THE GARDEN OF EDEN (Philips)
1159210 (1)Harry Belafonte: MARY'S BOY CHILD (RCA)
1257620 (2)Nat 'King' Cole: WHEN I FALL IN LOVE (Capitol)
1354816 (1)Andy Williams: BUTTERFLY (London)
1454812 (1)Lonnie Donegan & his Skiffle Group: CUMBERLAND GAP (Pye Nixa)
1554618 (2)Harry Belafonte: BANANA BOAT SONG (DAY-O) (HMV)
1654314 (1)The Crickets: THAT'LL BE THE DAY (Vogue-Coral)
1752017 (2)Johnny Duncan & The Blue Grass Boys: LAST TRAIN TO SAN FERNANDO (Columbia)
1850820 (4)Bing Crosby & Grace Kelly: TRUE LOVE (Capitol)
1950314 (2)Elvis Presley: PARTY (RCA)
2049520 (2)Russ Hamilton: WE WILL MAKE LOVE (Oriole)
2148717 (2)Debbie Reynolds: TAMMY (Vogue-Coral)
2248619 (3)Elvis Presley: (LET ME BE YOUR) TEDDY BEAR (RCA)
2347817 (3)The Diamonds: LITTLE DARLIN' (Mercury)
2446214 (1)Guy Mitchell: ROCK-A-BILLY (Philips)
2545817 (4)Lonnie Donegan & his Skiffle Group: DON'T YOU ROCK ME DADDY-O (Pye Nixa)
2644018 (4)Ronnie Hilton: AROUND THE WORLD (HMV)
2742616 (3) Little Richard: LONG TALL SALLY (London)
2842516 (3)Pat Boone: FRIENDLY PERSUASION (THEE I LOVE) (London)
2941618 (4)Petula Clark: WITH ALL MY HEART (Pye Nixa)
3037712 (3)Guy Mitchell: KNEE DEEP IN THE BLUES (Philips)
3137617 (5)Tommy Steele with The Steelmen: WATER, WATER / A HANDFUL OF SONGS (Decca)
3237118 (5)Chas McDevitt Skiffle Group feat. Nancy Whiskey: FREIGHT TRAIN (Oriole)
3336913 (2)Jim Dale: BE MY GIRL (Parlophone)
353279 (2) Everly Brothers: WAKE UP LITTLE SUSIE (London)
3632515 (5)Bing Crosby: AROUND THE WORLD (Brunswick)
3732418 (8)Tommy Steele: BUTTERFINGERS (Decca)
3831611 (1)Tommy Steele & The Steelmen: SINGING THE BLUES (Decca)
3931616 (6) Everly Brothers: BYE BYE, LOVE (London)
4030814 (6)Charlie Gracie: WANDERIN' EYES / I LOVE YOU SO MUCH IT HURTS (London)
412919 (3)Paul Anka: I LOVE YOU, BABY (Columbia)
4228114 (6)The King Brothers: A WHITE SPORT COAT (AND A PINK CARNATION) (Parlophone)
4327912 (4)Frankie Lymon & The Teenagers: BABY, BABY (Columbia)
4427813 (5)Peggy Lee: MR. WONDERFUL (Brunswick)
4527616 (8)Charlie Gracie: FABULOUS (Parlophone)
4627211 (3)Malcolm Vaughan: ST. THERESE OF THE ROSES (HMV)
472687 (2)The Johnny Otis Show feat. Marie Adams & Three Tons Of Joy: MA (HE'S MAKING EYES AT ME) (Capitol)
4826512 (5)Tab Hunter: NINETY-NINE WAYS (London)
4926414 (7)Johnnie Ray: LOOK HOMEWARD, ANGEL (Philips)
5025613 (7)Slim Whitman: I'LL TAKE YOU HOME AGAIN, KATHLEEN (London)
5124712 (6)Frankie Vaughan: MAN ON FIRE / WANDERIN' EYES (Philips)
5223711 (6)Fats Domino: BLUEBERRY HILL (London)
5323515 (12)Johnnie Ray: YOU DON'T OWE ME A THING (Philips)
5420911 (9) Little Richard: THE GIRL CAN'T HELP IT (London)
5520513 (10)Lonnie Donegan: MY DIXIE DARLING (Pye Nixa)
561986 (3)Malcolm Vaughan: MY SPECIAL ANGEL (HMV)
5719410 (8)Elvis Presley: PARALYZED (HMV)
5819210 (8)Frankie Vaughan & The Kaye Sisters: GOT-TA HAVE SOMETHING IN THE BANK, FRANK (Philips)
5919011 (9)David Whitfield: THE ADORATION WALTZ (Decca)
601889 (7)Eddie Fisher: CINDY, OH CINDY (HMV)
611859 (6)Elvis Presley: TOO MUCH (HMV)
6218411 (8)Jerry Lee Lewis: WHOLE LOTTA SHAKIN' GOIN' ON (London)
6317610 (8)Shirley Bassey: THE BANANA BOAT SONG (Philips)
641738 (8)Petula Clark: ALONE (Pye Nixa)
6517014 (17)Tony Brent: DARK MOON (Columbia)
6616812 (13)Billy Ward & The Dominoes: STARDUST (London)
671669 (8)Gracie Fields: AROUND THE WORLD IN 80 DAYS (Columbia)
681628 (7)Bill Haley & his Comets: DON'T KNOCK THE ROCK (Brunswick)
6916011 (13)Frankie Laine: MOONLIGHT GAMBLER (Philips)
701588 (6)Jackie Wilson: REET PETITE (Vogue-Coral)
711556 (4)Frankie Vaughan: THE GREEN DOOR (Philips)
7215413 (19)The King Brothers: IN THE MIDDLE OF AN ISLAND (Parlophone)
731518 (7)Elvis Presley: SANTA BRING MY BABY BACK (TO ME) (RCA)
741519 (10) Little Richard & his Band: LUCILLE (London)
751477 (8)Elvis Presley: HOUND DOG (HMV)
7614711 (16)Sal Mineo: START MOVIN' (IN MY DIRECTION) (Philips)
771449 (10)Bill Haley & his Comets: RIP IT UP (Brunswick)
781419 (10)The Vipers Skiffle Group: DON'T YOU ROCK ME DADDY-O (Parlophone)
791387 (5)Frank Sinatra: ALL THE WAY / CHICAGO (Capitol)
801376 (5)Johnnie Ray: JUST WALKING IN THE RAIN (Philips)
8113711 (17)Peter Sellers pres. Mate's Spoffle Group: ANY OLD IRON (Parlophone)
821368 (13)Malcolm Vaughan: CHAPEL OF THE ROSES (HMV)
831359 (12)Laurie London: HE'S GOT THE WHOLE WORLD IN HIS HANDS (Parlophone)
841338 (14)Max Bygraves: HEART (Decca)
851287 (11)Sonny James: YOUNG LOVE (Capitol)
861278 (12)Jerry Lewis: ROCK-A-BYE YOUR BABY WITH A DIXIE MELODY (Brunswick)
8712310 (16)Andy Williams: I LIKE YOUR KIND OF LOVE (London)
881205 (4)Winifred Atwell: LET'S HAVE A BALL MEDLEY (Decca)
891199 (15)Tommy Steele: KNEE DEEP IN THE BLUES (Decca)
901189 (15) Little Richard: SHE'S GOT IT (London)
911128 (12)Charlie Gracie: BUTTERFLY (Parlophone)
921087 (12)Frankie Lymon & The Teenagers: I'M NOT A JUVENILE DELINQUENT (Columbia)
931069 (17)Rosemary Clooney: MANGOS (Philips)
941028 (18)The Platters: I'M SORRY (Mercury)
951006 (10)The Vipers Skiffle Group: CUMBERLAND GAP (Parlophone)
961008 (15)Terry Dene: START MOVIN' (IN MY DIRECTION) (Decca)
97999 (22)Billy Williams: I'M GONNA SIT RIGHT DOWN AND WRITE MYSELF A LETTER (Vogue-Coral)
98978 (21)Larry Williams: SHORT FAT FANNIE (London)
99967 (14)Gary Miller: THE GARDEN OF EDEN (Pye Nixa)
100937 (17)The Southlanders: ALONE (Decca)

Top 50 Artists 1957

19521953195419551956Pos. Pts. No.Wks.Artist/Act
----21295215116Elvis Presley
---44522401985Pat Boone
---78431998665Lonnie Donegan (& his Skiffle Group)
-----41849459Harry Belafonte
5211-4651620553Guy Mitchell
14109151061386662Johnnie Ray
-----71378333Paul Anka
---482981248544Frankie Vaughan
----6391218660Tommy Steele (& The Steelmen)
-----101160230Tab Hunter
----106111074757 Little Richard
34245584912833235Bing Crosby (& Grace Kelly)
-----13720440Charlie Gracie
-----14671226Andy Williams
--53263315648429Malcolm Vaughan
-----16643225 Everly Brothers
7517312317632425Nat 'King' Cole
--33377818589226Petula Clark
-----19567216The Crickets
-----20564226Russ Hamilton
-----21552320Johnny Duncan & The Blue Grass Boys
--2722622513324Ronnie Hilton
-----23487117Debbie Reynolds
-----24478117The Diamonds
-----25470330The King Brothers
--4310126438528Bill Haley & his Comets
----1727420322Frankie Lymon & The Teenagers
-----28391220Chas McDevitt (Skiffle) Group feat. Nancy Whiskey
----4329387624Fats Domino
-----30369113Jim Dale
4123931312423Frankie Laine
-----32278113Peggy Lee
-----33273318The Vipers Skiffle Group
-----34270214Jerry Lee Lewis
-----3526817The Johnny Otis Show feat. Marie Adams & Three Tons Of Joy
---53536256113Slim Whitman
-918837231215David Whitfield
-----38206313Shirley Bassey
----2439203417The Platters
----7940203211The Kaye Sisters
-----41189215Terry Dene
1833134534218819Eddie Fisher
1228--7243180215Tony Brent
-----44178213Billy Ward & The Dominoes
20151928345172310Winifred Atwell
-----4616619Gracie Fields
-----4715818Jackie Wilson
-----48147111Sal Mineo
--1016184913817Frank Sinatra
-----50137111Peter Sellers pres. Mate's Spoffle Group

Top 10 Labels 1957

'52'53'54'55'56Pos. Pts. ShareNos.Wks.Label/Company
---119526937.68%1099Pye Nixa

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