NME Singles - 1956



Top 100 Singles 1956

CWSRPSArtist: Title (Label)
Pos. Pts.Wks.(HP)
195922 (1)Doris Day: WHATEVER WILL BE WILL BE (QUE SERA, SERA) (Philips)
291222 (1)Pat Boone: I'LL BE HOME (London)
379718 (1)Frankie Laine: A WOMAN IN LOVE (Philips)
479018 (1)The Dream Weavers: IT'S ALMOST TOMORROW (Brunswick)
575513 (1)Johnnie Ray: JUST WALKING IN THE RAIN (Philips)
672120 (1)Kay Starr: ROCK AND ROLL WALTZ (HMV)
770116 (1)Winifred Atwell: POOR PEOPLE OF PARIS (Decca)
868222 (2)Elvis Presley: HEARTBREAK HOTEL (HMV)
968116 (1)The Teenagers feat. Frankie Lymon: WHY DO FOOLS FALL IN LOVE (Columbia)
1067314 (1)Ronnie Hilton: NO OTHER LOVE (HMV)
1163823 (3)The Hilltoppers: ONLY YOU (AND YOU ALONE) (London)
1263114 (1)Anne Shelton: LAY DOWN YOUR ARMS (Philips)
1362316 (1)Dean Martin: MEMORIES ARE MADE OF THIS (Capitol)
1459916 (2)Elvis Presley: HOUND DOG (HMV)
1556917 (2)Lou Busch Orchestra: ZAMBESI (Capitol)
1653419 (3)Bill Haley & his Comets: ROCKIN' THROUGH THE RYE (Brunswick)
1752817 (2)Lonnie Donegan Skiffle Group: LOST JOHN (Pye Nixa)
1852724 (3)David Whitfield: MY SEPTEMBER LOVE (Decca)
1952724 (5)Bill Haley & his Comets: THE SAINTS ROCK'N'ROLL (Brunswick)
2051710 (1)'Tennessee' Ernie Ford: SIXTEEN TONS / YOU DON'T HAVE TO BE A BABY TO CRY (Capitol)
2148015 (2)Tony Martin: WALK HAND IN HAND (HMV)
2247524 (4)Mel Tormé: MOUNTAIN GREENERY (Vogue-Coral)
2343518 (1)Bill Haley & his Comets: (WE'RE GONNA) ROCK AROUND THE CLOCK (Brunswick)
2442615 (3)Teresa Brewer: SWEET OLD-FASHIONED GIRL (Vogue-Coral)
2542415 (2)Teresa Brewer: A TEAR FELL (Vogue-Coral)
2641321 (7)Bill Haley & his Comets: SEE YOU LATER, ALLIGATOR (Brunswick)
273859 (2)Frankie Vaughan: THE GREEN DOOR (Philips)
2837821 (8)Lonnie Donegan Skiffle Group: ROCK ISLAND LINE (Decca)
2937215 (5)Dave King: MEMORIES ARE MADE OF THIS (Decca)
3034713 (4)Perry Como: HOT DIGGITY (DOG ZIGGITY BOOM) (HMV)
3133615 (4)Jimmy Young: MORE (Decca)
323288 (2)Bill Hayes: THE BALLAD OF DAVY CROCKET (London)
333079 (2)Frank Sinatra: (LOVE IS) THE TENDER TRAP (Capitol)
3429915 (6)Mitchell Torok: WHEN MEXICO GAVE UP THE RHUMBA (Brunswick)
3529610 (4)The Platters: MY PRAYER (Mercury)
3629113 (5)The Platters: THE GREAT PRETENDER / ONLY YOU (AND YOU ALONE) (Mercury)
372829 (3)Malcolm Vaughan: ST. THERESE OF THE ROSES (HMV)
382709 (2) v.a.: ALL STAR HIT PARADE (Decca)
3926714 (8)Tex Ritter: THE WAYWARD WIND (Capitol)
402599 (4)Bill Haley & his Comets: RIP IT UP (Brunswick)
4224710 (4)Freddie Bell & the Bellboys: GIDDY-UP-A-DING-DONG (Mercury)
432438 (3)Frank Sinatra: LOVE AND MARRIAGE (Capitol)
4424211 (6)Don Cherry: BAND OF GOLD (Philips)
4523713 (9)Jimmy Parkinson: THE GREAT PRETENDER (Columbia)
4623612 (7)Lonnie Donegan: BRING A LITTLE WATER SYLVIE / DEAD OR ALIVE (Pye Nixa)
4723514 (8)Nat 'King' Cole: TOO YOUNG TO GO STEADY (Capitol)
4823215 (8)Slim Whitman: SERENADE (London)
502255 (1)Guy Mitchell: SINGING THE BLUES (Philips)
5122512 (6)Ronnie Hilton: WHO ARE WE (HMV)
5222411 (7)Winifred Atwell: MAKE IT A PARTY MEDLEY (Decca)
5322112 (7)Johnny Dankworth Orchestra: EXPERIMENTS WITH MICE (Parlophone)
5421715 (11)Nat 'King' Cole: LOVE ME AS THOUGH THERE WERE NO TOMORROW (Capitol)
551987 (4)Bill Haley & his Comets: ROCK-A-BEATIN' BOOGIE (Brunswick)
5619811 (7) Columbia Pictures Orchestra / Morris Stoloff: MOONGLOW / THEME FROM 'PICNIC' (Brunswick)
5719611 (8)Louis Armstrong & his All-Stars: A THEME FROM 'THE THREEPENNY OPERA' (MACK THE KNIFE) (Philips)
5819410 (9)The Dick Hyman Trio: THEME FROM 'THE THREEPENNY OPERA' (MGM)
5919311 (9)Gogi Grant: THE WAYWARD WIND (London)
6019112 (10)Perry Como: MORE (HMV)
611897 (3)'Tennessee' Ernie Ford: THE BALLAD OF DAVY CROCKETT (Capitol)
621887 (5)Eddie Fisher: CINDY, OH CINDY (HMV)
6318814 (12)Fats Domino: I'M IN LOVE AGAIN (London)
6418611 (9)Eve Boswell: PICKIN' A-CHICKEN (Parlophone)
6518010 (10)Edmund Hockridge: YOUNG AND FOOLISH (Pye Nixa] Nixa)
661799 (8)Don Robertson: THE HAPPY WHISTLER (Capitol)
6717710 (9)Billy May & his Orchestra: MAIN TITLE THEME (FROM 'THE MAN WITH THE GOLDEN ARM') (Capitol)
6817610 (9)Elvis Presley: BLUE SUEDE SHOES (HMV)
691749 (10)Nat 'King' Cole: DREAMS CAN TELL A LIE (Capitol)
701707 (5)Bing Crosby & Grace Kelly: TRUE LOVE (Capitol)
711689 (8)The Chordettes: BORN TO BE WITH YOU (London)
721605 (3)The Four Aces feat. Al Alberts: LOVE IS A MANY SPLENDOURED THING (Brunswick)
731548 (9)Elvis Presley: BLUE MOON (HMV)
741529 (11)Dave King: YOU CAN'T BE TRUE TO TWO (Decca)
751489 (14)Dick James: ROBIN HOOD / THE BALLAD OF DAVY CROCKETT (Parlophone)
7614810 (14)Elvis Presley: I WANT YOU, I NEED YOU, I LOVE YOU (HMV)
7714111 (17)Vera Lynn: A HOUSE WITH LOVE IN IT (Decca)
781408 (10)Carl Perkins: BLUE SUEDE SHOES (London)
791399 (8)Jim Lowe & The High Fives: THE GREEN DOOR (London)
801399 (13)Ronnie Hilton: TWO DIFFERENT WORLDS (HMV)
811338 (13)Alma Cogan: WILLIE CAN (HMV)
821288 (12)Frank Sinatra: SONGS FOR SWINGIN' LOVERS [LP] (Capitol)
831268 (13)Ronnie Carroll: WALK HAND IN HAND (Philips)
841189 (18) Melachrino Orchestra: AUTUMN CONCERTO (HMV)
851176 (9)Jimmy Young: CHAIN GANG (Decca)
861148 (13)Bill Haley & his Comets: RAZZLE DAZZLE (Brunswick)
871137 (12)Billy Vaughn & his Orchestra: THEME FROM 'THE THREEPENNY OPERA' [MACK THE KNIFE] (London)
881137 (13)Eddie Calvert: ZAMBESI (Columbia)
891127 (14)Pat Boone: I ALMOST LOST MY MIND (London)
901118 (14)Michael Holliday: HOT DIGGITY (DOG ZIGGITY BOOM) / GAL WITH THE YALLER SHOES (Columbia)
911119 (18)Ted Heath & his Music: THE FAITHFUL HUSSAR (Decca)
921096 (10)Gary Miller: ROBIN HOOD (Pye Nixa)
931017 (14)Winifred Atwell: LEFT BANK (C'EST A HAMBOURG) (Decca)
94947 (17)Johnnie Ray: AIN'T MISBEHAVIN' (Philips)
95935 (11)Elvis Presley: LOVE ME TENDER (HMV)
96905 (8)Dickie Valentine: CHRISTMAS ISLAND (Decca)
97867 (18)Pat Boone: LONG TALL SALLY (London)
98856 (18)Winifred Atwell & Frank Chacksfield: PORT-AU-PRINCE (Decca)
99834 (11)David Whitfield: WHEN YOU LOSE THE ONE YOU LOVE (Decca)
100827 (18)Max Bygraves: OUT OF TOWN (HMV)

Top 50 Artists 1956

1952195319541955Pos. Pts. No.Wks.Artist/Act
--4310125459112Bill Haley & his Comets
----21895775Elvis Presley
2015192831381549Winifred Atwell
---7841209656Lonnie Donegan Skiffle Group
---4451194542Pat Boone
--272261075538Ronnie Hilton
9183367959122Doris Day
-9188935542David Whitfield
41239930525Frankie Laine
141091510879322Johnnie Ray
---3911850230Teresa Brewer
----12818435Dave King
----13790118The Dream Weavers
111620-14721120Kay Starr
---915706217'Tennessee' Ernie Ford
---6316681218Anne Shelton
----17681116The Teenagers feat. Frankie Lymon
--101618678325Frank Sinatra
-878819674437Perry Como
-27141320671320Dean Martin
----21648224The Hilltoppers
----22627222Lou Busch Orchestra [Joe Fingers Carr]
75173123626338Nat 'King' Cole
----24587223The Platters
2329-425510525Jimmy Young
---2926480115Tony Martin
----27479220The Goons
----28475124Mel Tormé
---4829413211Frankie Vaughan
-3932230375315Dicikie Valentine
-19-6931343214Lita Roza
---753232818Bill Hayes
--532633325212Malcolm Vaughan
--221134315521Alma Cogan
---535315321Slim Whitman
----36307319Jimmy Parkinson
----37299115Mitchell Torok
----38295319Edmund Hockridge
-4415423927019Joan Regan
----40267114Tex Ritter
----41247110Freddie Bell & the Bellboys
----42242111Don Cherry
----43233218Fats Domino
----44227417Michael Holliday
1333--45227314Louis Armstrong All-Stars
5211-4622515Guy Mitchell
----47221112Johnny Dankworth Orchestra
--35184820839The Four Aces feat. Al Alberts
342455849204210Bing Crosby (& Grace Kelly)
----50198111 Columbia Pictures Orchestra / Morris Stoloff

Top 10 Labels

'52'53'54'55Pos. Pts. ShareNos.Wks.Label/Company
---11912923.84%1063Pye Nixa

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