NME Singles - 1955



Top 100 Singles 1955

CWSRPSArtist: Title (Label)
Pos.  Pts.  Wks.(HP)
1110424 (1)'Tennessee' Ernie Ford: GIVE ME YOUR WORD (Capitol)
2105019 (1)Slim Whitman: ROSE MARIE (London)
396523 (1)Ruby Murray: SOFTLY, SOFTLY (Columbia)
488121 (1)Eddie Calvert: CHERRY PINK (AND APPLE BLOSSOM WHITE) (Columbia)
583122 (2)Frankie Laine: COOL WATER (Philips)
672017 (1)Pérez 'Prez' Prado & his Orchestra: CHERRY PINK AND APPLE BLOSSOM WHITE (HMV)
770714 (1)Bill Haley & his Comets: (WE'RE GONNA) ROCK AROUND THE CLOCK (Brunswick)
870218 (1)Jimmy Young: UNCHAINED MELODY (Decca)
963116 (1)Tony Bennett: STRANGER IN PARADISE (Philips)
1161120 (3)David Whitfield: EV'RYWHERE (Decca)
1260212 (1)Jimmy Young: THE MAN FROM LARAMIE (Decca)
1360012 (1)Rosemary Clooney: MAMBO ITALIANO (Philips)
1460017 (2)Al Hibbler: UNCHAINED MELODY (FROM "UNCHAINED") (Brunswick)
1554520 (4)The Crew-Cuts: EARTH ANGEL (WILL YOU BE MINE) (Mercury)
1651813 (2)Frank Sinatra: LEARNIN' THE BLUES (Capitol)
1750017 (3)Ruby Murray: EVERMORE (Columbia)
1849611 (1)Dickie Valentine: THE FINGER OF SUSPICION (Decca)
1948113 (1) Johnston Brothers: HERNANDO'S HIDEAWAY / HEY THERE (Decca)
2040713 (2)Mitch Miller & his Orchestra & Chorus: THE YELLOW ROSE OF TEXAS (Philips)
2140212 (2)Cyril Stapleton Orchestra feat. Julie Dawn: BLUE STAR (THE 'MEDIC' THEME) / HONEY BABE (Decca)
2238316 (5)Malcolm Vaughan: EV'RY DAY OF MY LIFE / MAMA (HMV)
2337015 (4)Dickie Valentine: I WONDER (Decca)
243677 (1)Dickie Valentine: CHRISTMAS ALPHABET (Decca)
2535114 (5)Caterina Valente: THE BREEZE AND I (Polydor)
263508 (2)The Four Aces feat. Al Alberts: LOVE IS A MANY SPLENDOURED THING (Brunswick)
2732710 (3)Ruby Murray: HEARTBEAT / HE'S A PAL OF MINE (Columbia)
2831913 (6)Tony Martin: STRANGER IN PARADISE (HMV)
2931710 (3)Winifred Atwell: LET'S HAVE A DING DONG MEDLEY (Decca)
3031413 (6)Frankie Laine: STRANGE LADY IN TOWN (Philips)
3130613 (4)Ray Burns: MOBILE (Columbia)
3229213 (6)Rosemary Clooney & The Mellomen: WHERE WILL THE DIMPLE BE? (Philips)
3327511 (4)Ruby Murray & Anne Warren: IF ANYONE FINDS THIS, I LOVE YOU / BEFORE WE KNOW IT (Columbia)
3427110 (3)Nat 'King' Cole: A BLOSSOM FELL (Capitol)
352668 (2)Max Bygraves: MEET ME ON THE CORNER (HMV)
3626511 (4)Rosemary Clooney: HEY THERE (Philips)
3726411 (5)Eddie Fisher: (I'M ALWAYS HEARING) WEDDING BELLS (HMV)
3825910 (4)Bill Haley & his Comets: SHAKE, RATTLE AND ROLL (Brunswick)
392559 (4)The Stargazers: TWENTY TINY FINGERS (Decca)
4024910 (5)Dean Martin: THE NAUGHTY LADY OF SHADY LANE (Capitol)
4124612 (7)Slim Whitman: INDIAN LOVE CALL (London)
4223911 (6)Eddie Calvert: JOHN AND JULIE (Columbia)
432348 (3)Billy Eckstine: NO ONE BUT YOU (MGM)
442329 (5)Johnnie Ray: HEY THERE (Philips)
4523110 (7)Johnnie Ray: IF YOU BELIEVE (Philips)
462269 (3)Dean Martin: LET ME GO, LOVER (Capitol)
472029 (6)The Stargazers: CLOSE THE DOOR (Decca)
4820110 (9)Teresa Brewer & The Lancers: LET ME GO LOVER (Vogue-Coral)
491938 (5)Dickie Valentine: MR. SANDMAN (Decca)
5019011 (12)David Whitfield: MAMA (Decca)
511899 (7)Doris Day: READY, WILLING AND ABLE (Philips)
521889 (7)Eartha Kitt: UNDER THE BRIDGES OF PARIS (HMV)
531859 (8)David Whitfield: BEYOND THE STARS (Decca)
541817 (4)Ronnie Hilton: I STILL BELIEVE (HMV)
551808 (6)Dean Martin: UNDER THE BRIDGES OF PARIS (Capitol)
561799 (6)Joan Regan: PRIZE OF GOLD (Decca)
571799 (10)Les Baxter, his Chorus & Orchestra: UNCHAINED MELODY / BLUE STAR (THE 'MEDIC' THEME) (Capitol)
581768 (6)Ruby Murray: HAPPY DAYS AND LONELY NIGHTS (Columbia)
5917510 (9)Dickie Valentine: A BLOSSOM FELL (Decca)
601748 (7)Pat Boone: AIN'T THAT A SHAME (London)
611577 (7)Petula Clark: SUDDENLY THERE'S A VALLEY (Pye Nixa)
621557 (7)Frankie Laine: HAWK-EYE (Philips)
631547 (5)Ruby Murray: LET ME GO, LOVER (Columbia)
641518 (8)Sammy Davis, Jr.: LOVE ME OR LEAVE ME (Brunswick)
651507 (7)David Whitfield: WHEN YOU LOSE THE ONE YOU LOVE (Decca)
661497 (6)Ruby Murray: I'LL COME WHEN YOU CALL (Columbia)
671456 (6) Ames Brothers: THE NAUGHTY LADY OF SHADY LANE (HMV)
681408 (12)Barbara Lyon: STOWAWAY (Columbia)
691356 (6)The Four Aces feat. Al Alberts: STRANGER IN PARADISE (Brunswick)
701237 (13)Ronnie Hilton: STARS SHINE IN YOUR EYES (HMV)
711217 (11)Sammy Davis, Jr.: SOMETHING'S GOTTA GIVE (Brunswick)
721187 (10)Ronnie Hilton: A BLOSSOM FELL (HMV)
731166 (8)Johnny Brandon w. The Phantoms: TOMORROW (Polygon)
741167 (13)Frank Sinatra: YOU, MY LOVE (Capitol)
751155 (6)Alma Cogan: I CAN'T TELL A WALTZ FROM A TANGO (HMV)
761147 (14)Joe 'Mr. Piano' Henderson & his Friends: SING IT AGAIN WITH JO (Polygon)
77995 (10)Johnnie Ray: SONG OF THE DREAMER (Philips)
78985 (11)Johnnie Ray: HERNANDO'S HIDEAWAY (Philips)
79966 (14)Ray Burns: THAT'S HOW A LOVE SONG WAS BORN (Columbia)
80905 (12)Petula Clark: MAJORCA (Polygon)
80905 (12)Jo Stafford: SUDDENLY THERE'S A VALLEY (Philips)
82844 (8)Frankie Laine & The Four Lads: RAIN RAIN RAIN (Philips)
83845 (13)Gary Miller: YELLOW ROSE OF TEXAS (Pye Nixa)
84794 (10)Rosemary Clooney: THIS OLE HOUSE (Philips)
85764 (9)The Four Aces feat. Al Alberts: MISTER SANDMAN (Brunswick)
87744 (10)The Ink Spots: MELODY OF LOVE (Parlophone)
88744 (13) Singing Dogs: MEDLEY (Pye Nixa)
89714 (12)The Chordettes: MR. SANDMAN (Columbia)
90705 (19)Cyril Stapleton Orchestra: ELEPHANT TANGO (Decca)
91684 (14) McGuire Sisters: SINCERELY (Vogue-Coral)
92654 (14)Eddie Calvert: STRANGER IN PARADISE (Columbia)
93644 (14)Jane Froman: I WONDER (Capitol)
93644 (14)Lee Lawrence: SUDDENLY THERE'S A VALLEY (Columbia)
95614 (15)Dickie Valentine: THE OLD PI-ANNA RAG (Decca)
96604 (16) Mantovani Orchestra: LONELY BALLERINA (Decca)
97594 (16)Alma Cogan: GO ON BY (HMV)
98594 (17)Anne Shelton: ARRIVEDERCI DARLING (HMV)
99574 (18)Johnny Brandon: DON'T WORRY (Polygon)
100563 (12)Frankie Vaughan: HAPPY DAYS AND LONELY NIGHTS (HMV)

Top 50 Artists 1955

195219531954Pos. Pts. No.Wks.Artist/Act
--3712546783Ruby Murray
-393221662655Dickie Valentine
41231415648Frankie Laine
2329-41354333Jimmy Young
---51329333Slim Whitman
6-1361236440Rosemary Clooney
-32671185336Eddie Calvert
-9181156548David Whitfield
---91119225'Tennessee' Ernie Ford
--43101049428Bill Haley & his Comets
--2211894630Alma Cogan
---12720117Pérez 'Prez' Prado & his Orchestra
-271413689429Dean Martin
---14675319Tony Bennett
1410915674536Johnnie Ray
--1016649321Frank Sinatra
---17600117Al Hibbler
--3518561318The Four Aces feat. Al Alberts
--3619545120The Crew-Cuts
-265620539316 Johnston Brothers
-201221514422The Stargazers
--2722510526Ronnie Hilton
---23472217Cyril Stapleton Orchestra
---24407113Mitch Miller & his Orchestra & Chorus
---25402219Ray Burns
--5326383116Malcolm Vaughan
---27351114Caterina Valente
20151928338211Winifred Atwell
---29319113Tony Martin
---30303417Sammy Davis, Jr.
751731302212Nat 'King' Cole
---32292113The Mellomen
2234243328329Max Bygraves
1833134278212Eddie Fisher
---35275111Anne Warren
918336247313Doris Day
--3337247212Petula Clark
--293823418Billy Eckstine
---39201110Teresa Brewer
---40201110The Lancers
---4118819Eartha Kitt
-44154217919Joan Regan
---4317919Les Baxter, his Chorus & Orchestra
---4417418Pat Boone
---45173210Johnny Brandon
---4614516 Ames Brothers
---4714018Barbara Lyon
---4811637Frankie Vaughan
---4911417Joe 'Mr. Piano' Henderson & his Friends
817-509536Mario Lanza

Top 10 Labels

'52'53'54Pos. Pts. ShareNos.Wks.Label/Company

Artist Nationality


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