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Top 85 Singles 1953

CWSRPSArtist: Title (Label)
Pos.  Pts.  Wks.(HP)
1211636 (1)Frankie Laine: I BELIEVE (Philips)
2104324 (2)Frank Chacksfield Orchestra: TERRY'S THEME FROM 'LIMELIGHT' (Decca)
387623 (1) Mantovani Orchestra: THE SONG OF THE MOULIN ROUGE (Decca)
478216 (1)Guy Mitchell: SHE WEARS RED FEATHERS (Columbia)
675614 (1)Guy Mitchell: LOOK AT THAT GIRL (Philips)
774111 (1)Frankie Laine: ANSWER ME (Philips)
868818 (2)Nat 'King' Cole: PRETEND (Capitol)
967915 (1)Eddie Fisher: OUTSIDE OF HEAVEN (HMV)
1065413 (1)David Whitfield: ANSWER ME (Decca)
1165218 (1)Eddie Fisher & Sally Sweetland: I'M WALKING BEHIND YOU (HMV)
1263523 (3)Ron Goodwin & his Concert Orchestra: THEME FROM THE FILM 'LIMELIGHT' (Parlophone)
1357617 (3)Muriel Smith: HOLD ME, THRILL ME, KISS ME (Philips)
1450215 (3)Mario Lanza: BECAUSE YOU'RE MINE (HMV)
1545912 (2) Mantovani Orchestra: SWEDISH RHAPSODY (Decca)
1645211 (1)Lita Roza: (HOW MUCH IS) THAT DOGGIE IN THE WINDOW (Decca)
1744415 (3)Eddie Fisher: DOWNHEARTED (HMV)
1843514 (4)Doris Day & Johnnie Ray: LET'S WALK THAT-A-WAY (Philips)
1942910 (1)Kay Starr: COMES A-LONG A-LOVE (Capitol)
2041212 (1)The Stargazers: BROKEN WINGS (Decca)
2140516 (5)Frankie Laine & Jimmy Boyd: TELL ME A STORY (Philips)
2240212 (3)Al Martino: NOW (Capitol)
2339212 (2)Frankie Laine: WHERE THE WINDS BLOW (Philips)
2437011 (2)Guy Mitchell: PRETTY LITTLE BLACK-EYED SUSIE (Columbia)
253678 (1)Frankie Laine: HEY JOE! (Philips)
2634810 (1)Jo Stafford w. Paul Weston Orchestra: YOU BELONG TO ME (Columbia)
273089 (2)Diana Decker: POPPA PICCOLINO (Columbia)
2828510 (5)Danny Kaye: WONDERFUL COPENHAGEN (Brunswick)
2928011 (6)Ted Heath Music: HOT TODDY (Decca)
302649 (3)Al Martino: HERE IN MY HEART (Capitol)
3126110 (3)Billy Cotton & his Band feat. Doreen Stephens: IN A GOLDEN COACH (Decca)
322508 (4) Johnston Brothers: OH HAPPY DAY (Decca)
332469 (5)Guy Mitchell: CHICKA-BOOM (Philips)
342286 (3)Winifred Atwell & her 'other' Piano: LET'S HAVE A PARTY" SELECTION (Philips)
352078 (5)Dean Martin: KISS (Capitol)
362039 (8)Jimmy Young: ETERNALLY (Decca)
372009 (8)Eddie Fisher: WISH YOU WERE HERE (HMV)
381988 (6)Nat 'King' Cole: CAN'T I? (Capitol)
391847 (6)Art & Dottie Todd: BROKEN WINGS (HMV)
401827 (6)Johnnie Ray: SOMEBODY STOLE MY GAL (Philips)
411746 (3)Jimmy Boyd: I SAW MOMMY KISSING SANTA CLAUS (Columbia)
421717 (6)June Hutton: SAY YOU'RE MINE AGAIN (Capitol)
431684 (1)Eddie Calvert: OH, MEIN PAPA (Columbia)
441687 (7)Nat 'King' Cole: MOTHER NATURE AND FATHER TIME (Capitol)
451616 (6)Louis Armstrong: TAKES TWO TO TANGO (Brunswick)
461536 (6)Max Bygraves: COWPUNCHER'S CANTATA (HMV)
471436 (5)Winifred Atwell: CORONATION RAG (Decca)
481436 (6)Gisele McKenzie: SEVEN LONELY DAYS (Capitol)
491426 (7)Lee Lawrence: CRYING IN THE CHAPEL (Decca)
501374 (4)Ray Martin Concert Orchestra: SWEDISH RHAPSODY (Columbia)
511375 (6) Beverley Sisters: I SAW MOMMY KISSING SANTA CLAUS (Philips)
521165 (8)Eddie Fisher: EVERYTHING I HAVE IS YOURS (HMV)
531165 (9)Tony Brent: MAKE IT SOON (Columbia)
541115 (9)Patti Page: (HOW MUCH IS) THAT DOGGIE IN THE WINDOW (Oriole)
551095 (10)Al Martino: RACHEL (Capitol)
561074 (5)Winifred Atwell: BRITANNIA RAG (Decca)
571004 (7)Kay Starr: SIDE BY SIDE (Capitol)
58974 (7)Les Paul & Mary Ford: VAYA CON DIOS (Capitol)
59894 (8)Guy Mitchell: CLOUD LUCKY SEVEN (Philips)
60884 (10)Tony Brent: WALKIN' TO MISSOURI (Columbia)
61843 (5)Bing Crosby: THE ISLE OF INNISFREE / AT LAST! AT LAST! (Brunswick)
62683 (9)Dickie Valentine: ALL THE TIME AND EV'RYWHERE (Decca)
63673 (9)Ted Heath Music: DRAGNET (Decca)
64663 (10)Frank Chacksfield's Tunesmiths: LITTLE RED MONKEY (Parlophone)
65663 (11)Billy Cotton & his Band feat. The Mill Girls & The Bandits: I SAW MOMMY KISSING SANTA CLAUS (Decca)
66652 (3)David Whitfield w. Stanley Black & his Orchestra: RAGS TO RICHES (Decca)
67653 (10)Winifred Atwell: FLIRTATION WALTZ (Decca)
68502 (7)Ray Anthony & his Orchestra: DRAGNET (Capitol)
69472 (8)Joan Regan: RICOCHET (Decca)
70422 (12)Nat 'King' Cole: FAITH CAN MOVE MOUNTAINS (Capitol)
71281 (7)Guy Mitchell: FEET UP (PAT HIM ON THE PO-PO) (Columbia)
71281 (7)Dickie Valentine: IN A GOLDEN COACH (Decca)
71281 (7)Frankie Laine: BLOWING WILD (Philips)
74241 (9)David Whitfield: THE BRIDGE OF SIGHS (Decca)
75221 (11)Nat 'King' Cole: BECAUSE YOU'RE MINE (Capitol)
75221 (11)Ted Heath Music: VANESSA (Decca)
75221 (11)Joni James: WHY DON'T YOU BELIEVE ME? (MGM)
75221 (11)Frankie Laine: GIRL IN THE WOOD (Columbia)
75221 (11)Doris Day & Johnnie Ray: A FULL TIME JOB (Columbia)
75221 (11)Vera Lynn: THE WINDSOR WALTZ (Decca)
81211 (12)Dickie Valentine: BROKEN WINGS (Decca)
81211 (12)Buddy Morrow Orchestra: NIGHT TRAIN (HMV)
81211 (12)Doris Day & Johnnie Ray: MA SAYS PA SAYS (Columbia)
81211 (12)Dorothy Squires: I'M WALKING BEHIND YOU (Polygon)
81211 (12)Vivian Blaine (w. Robert Alda & The Hot Box Girls): A BUSHEL AND A PECK (Brunswick)

Top 50 Artists 1953

1952Pos. Pts. No.Wks.Artist/Act
414071785Frankie Laine
522271665Guy Mitchell
1832091562Eddie Fisher
1641335235 Mantovani Orchestra
751118536Nat 'King' Cole
-61109227Frank Chacksfield Orchestra
17775326Al Martino
-8760115Perry Como
-9743316David Whitfield
1410660423Johnnie Ray
-11652118Sally Sweetland
-12635123Ron Goodwin & his Concert Orchestra
-13579222Jimmy Boyd
-14576117Muriel Smith
2015543416Winifred Atwell
1116529214Kay Starr
817502115Mario Lanza
918478316Doris Day
-19452111Lita Roza
-20412112The Stargazers
-21369315Ted Heath Music
222348110Jo Stafford
-23327213Billy Cotton & his Band
-2430819Diana Decker
-25285110Danny Kaye
-2625018 Johnston Brothers
-2720718Dean Martin
122820429Tony Brent
232920319Jimmy Young
-3018417Art & Dottie Todd
-3117117June Hutton
-3216814Eddie Calvert
133316116Louis Armstrong
223415316Max Bygraves
-3514316Gisele McKenzie
-3614216Lee Lawrence
-3713715 Beverley Sisters
153813714Ray Martin Concert Orchestra
-3911735Dickie Valentine
-4011115Patti Page
-419714Les Paul & Mary Ford
3428413Bing Crosby
-435012Ray Anthony & his Orchestra
-444712Joan Regan
-452211Joni James
10452211Vera Lynn
-472111Buddy Morrow Orchestra
-472111Dorothy Squires
-472111Vivian Blaine

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