Echoes Reggae Singles - Year-End - 1999

The Top 100 Singles Of 1999

1Anytime - Bounty Killer (Xtra Large)133819
2Haters - Ward 21 (Greensleeves)130747
3Final Assassin - Capleton (Greensleeves)128600
4Judgement Day / Divine Reasoning [Lexxus] - Ward 21 (Greensleeves)120539
5Right Type Of Love / Unfair You Know - Zebra (Greensleeves)232538
6Bruk Out - Buccaneer (Greensleeves)119512
7No Scrubs - Sandra Melody (Mafia & Fluxy)121510
8My Love Is Your Love - Terry Linen (Raggedy Joe)124492
9Boom Wa Dis - Burro Banton (Greensleeves)230477
10Holiday - Alias (Mad House)230428
11Lessons - Lloyd Brown (Saxon)227426
12Look - Bounty Killer (Madhouse)112417
13My God Is Real - Tony Curtis (Stingray)116413
14First To Know - Don Ricardo (Ruff Cut)119397
15Hot Gal Today - Sean Paul & Mr. Vegas (Greensleeves)426397
16Moving Out A Babylon - Luciano (Ffrench)226391
17Battery Dolly - Beenie Man (Greensleeves)220357
18Bun Dem Dreadie - Capleton (Greensleeves)18350
19Criss Pack Of Boots - Wayne Wonder (Madhouse)424347
20Wave - Mr. Vegas (Greensleeves)628337
21High Grade - Capleton (Greensleeves)324319
22I've Got News For You - Shalom (Revue)117312
23I Want You Back - Singing Melody (Fat Eyes)320304
24In Or Out - Capleton (Fat Eyes)730303
25100 Dollar Bag - Beenie Man (Greensleeves)217291
26Twist & Turn - Capleton (Slam)218287
27Old Time People Say - Al Campbell (Hi Power)326286
28Can't Believe My Eyes - Bounty Killer (Xtra Large)218278
29World Gone Mad - Beenie Man (Call Me Shams)424277
30Always Be My Baby - Beenie Man (Greensleeves)219276
311999 - '99 Allstars (Acid Rain)1029265
32More Prophet - Capleton (Greensleeves)312257
33Keep Them Coming - Wayne Wonder (Madhouse)312256
34Key To The City - Freddie McGregor (Stingray)324252
35Pavarotti - Chico (Greensleeves)318243
36She's A Ho - Mr. Vegas (Greensleeves)413234
37Ghetto Pledge - Baby Cham (Madhouse)312223
38Ex-Factor - Lorna Asher (Yush)625219
39Let's Be Friends - Peter Hunnigale & Don Campbell (Stingray)816213
40This Feeling Of Love - Freddie McGregor (Stingray)417204
41Psalm 23 - Buju Banton & Morgan Heritage (Penthouse)616203
42Rigormortis - Tanya Stephens (Mo Music)721203
43Calling My Mansion - Sandra Melody (Mafia & Fluxy)513202
44Forget You - Beenie Man (Greensleeves)420198
45Divide & Rule - Bounty Killer (Greensleeves)412197
46Party In Session - Beenie Man. Mr. Vegas. Buju Banton. Ky-Mani Marley (Stone Love)416196
47Jacket - Mr. Vegas (Greensleeves)316195
48Careless Minded People - Glen Washington (Hi Power)820183
49Kill-A-Sound - Buccaneer (Greensleeves)514182
50Report To Me - Sean Paul (Greensleeves)518181
51Faded - Sean Paul (Greensleeves)918181
52Boom Tune - Baby Cham (Madhouse)1121181
53In This Time - Sizzla feat. Luciano (Greensleeves)716169
54Red - Zebra (Fat Eyes)919164
55Are You Ready? - Wayne Wonder (Madhouse)716160
56Model Ya Mi Gal - Shaggy (Greensleeves)616159
57How Can I - Don Ricardo (Ruff Cut)815158
58Sweet Meditation - Chukki Starr (Charm)1722156
59Walla Wiss - Beenie Man (Greensleeves)1117155
60Di Position - Mr. Vegas (Greensleeves)1018152
61Bruk Me Duks - Red Rat (Greensleeves)513149
62Love So Nice - Junior Kelly (Jet Star)713148
63Safe Sex - Sean Paul (Greensleeves)616142
64Selassie Warning - Zebra (Greensleeves)1318140
65Probation - Buju Banton (Greensleeves)1116138
66Let Him Go - Beenie Man (Greensleeves)513136
67Open Your Eyes - Glen Washington (Stingray)713136
68Sloppy In Bed - Lady Saw (Greensleeves)715133
69You See Me - Zebra & Mad Andrew (Greensleeves)916133
70Study Me - Beenie Man (Greensleeves)1114128
71Go Rachel - Hawkeye (Greensleeves)1012126
72The Truth - Buju Banton (Natty Dread)1417125
73Ta Ta - Tanya Stephens (Greensleeves)1215124
74Mr. Minister - Luciano & Anthony B (Jazzy Creations)1220122
75Sucky Ducky - Mr. Vegas (K-Licious)1616122
76Jah Have His Way - Luciano (Hi Power)1718122
77No Little Scrubs - Troublesome (white)611121
78Hot Bwoy - Beenie Man & Buccaneer (Greensleeves)1717115
79Jah Jah City - Capleton (AMG)1516113
80Let You Conscience Set Free - Wayne Wonder (XL)2118113
81The Word - Sizzla (Xterminator UK)1818111
82Fake Smile - Buju Banton (Greensleeves)1516108
83Kingston Hot - Beenie Man (K-Licious)914105
84Gwaan So - Beenie Man (Greensleeves)713103
85Liberation - Morgan Heritage (Xterminator)910101
86Can I Get A? - Baby Cham (White)191599
87Send Dem Come - Bushamn & Ilue (Greensleeves)121598
88Gal Control - Troublesome (Mafia & Fluxy)131397
89Sweet Caan Done - General Degree (Greensleeves)151397
90Love Is All - Sizzla (Xterminator UK)111196
91Real G's - Roundhead (Greensleeves)121296
92Hard Fi Do - Mad Cobra (Greensleeves)151396
93A Nuh One A Dem - Mr. Vegas (Greensleeves)151396
94Shotta - Spragga Benz (Greensleeves)121292
95Saddle Up - LMS & Morgan Heritage (VP)131392
96Anytime Now - Sizzla (Greensleeves)131090
97Stop Violate - Sizzla (Xterminator UK)171190
98Rain Showwers - Sizzla (Xterminator)171589
99They Don't Know - Red Fox (Greensleeves)221586
100Hide & Flee - Roger Robin (Saxon)211484


The Number Ones Of 1999

DateWKSTitle - Act
16.01.19993*First To Know - Don Ricardo (Ruff Cut)
06.02.19994Bruk Out - Buccaneer (Greensleeves)
06.03.199910Anytime - Bounty Killer (Xtra Large)
15.05.19997Haters - Ward 21 (Greensleeves)
03.07.19992I've Got News For You - Shalom (Revue)
17.07.19992My Love Is Your Love - Terry Linen (Raggedy Joe)
31.07.19994Final Assassin - Capleton (Greensleeves)
28.08.19995No Scrubs - Sandra Melody (Mafia & Fluxy)
02.10.19996Judgement Day / Divine Reasoning [Lexxus] - Ward 21 (Greensleeves)
13.11.19991My God Is Real - Tony Curtis (Stingray)
20.11.19992Look - Bounty Killer (Madhouse)
04.12.19996*Bun Dem Dreadie - Capleton (Greensleeves)
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