Echoes Reggae Singles - Year-End - 1998

The Top 100 Singles Of 1998

1Heads High / Lef Yah Now - Mr. Vegas (Juvenile/Greensleeves)1411235
2Who Am I (EP) - Beenie Man (Greensleeves)127966
3Tell Me (EP) - Beenie Man (Greensleeves)233757
4Traffic Blocking / Boom Boom - General Degree (Greensleeves)353714
5Can't Believe My Eyes - Bounty Killer (Xtra Large)115659
6Nah Bow - Beenie Man (Greensleeves)128658
7Ulterior Motive - Luciano (Xterminator)244628
8Year 4 - Beenie Man (Greensleeves)124619
9Power Supply - Glamma Kid (Mafia & Fluxy)225506
10Let Him Go - Beenie Man (Greensleeves)214460
11Give Thanks - Don Campbell (Saxon)327388
12Destiny / Up Close & Personal - Buju Banton (Penthouse)531382
13Faith - Tony Curtis (white)228366
14Bookshelf - Beenie Man (white)420362
15She Left Me Crying - Nereus Joseph (Saxon)219339
16You Saw The Best In Me / Why Don't You Love Me [Frankie Paul] - Sanchez (World)423339
17Winner - Richie Stephens (Greensleeves)424339
18You Are Everything - Sanchez (Saxon)224334
19Somebody Just Poop - Goofy (Greensleeves)425333
20Bad Man Nuh Dress Like Girl - Harry Toddler (Studio 2000)431331
21Refugee - Beenie Man & Sanchez (Greensleeves)630331
22Fade Away - Buccaneer (Greensleeves)326322
23Tatty Boom - Goofy (Greensleeves)222321
24Yu Sure - Mr. Vegas (2 Bad)426306
25Gwaan So - Beenie Man (Greensleeves)516300
26First To Know - Don Ricardo (Ruff Cut)19292
27Soca Muma - Buccaneer (Opera House)218287
28Woman Of Africa - Sizzla (Greensleeves)520286
29Bruk Out - Buccaneer (Greensleeves)312271
30Dear Dad - Kymani Marley (VP)325269
31Eagle & The Hawk - Bounty Killer (Saxon)427265
32Freedom Cry - Sizzla (Greensleeves)621248
33Latest News - Mr. Vegas (Greensleeves)519241
34Foundation - Beenie Man (Taxi)528231
35Cry & Bawl - Bounty Killer & Tanya Stephens (Fat Eyes)419223
36Rewind - Mega Banton (Fat Eyes)520223
37Pet & Pamper (EP) - Mad Cobra (Greensleeves)416221
38Guns High - Vegas & Cobra (Togetherness)316220
39Time Will Tell - Sylvia Tella (Mafia & Fluxy)1124211
40Strategy - Sean Paul (Greensleeves)415207
41Hit Him Back - Mr. Vegas (Greensleeves)519205
42Play Some More - Beres Hammond (Harmoney House)717202
43Big Things A Gwaan - Mr. Vegas (Greensleeves)1123192
44Tight Up Skirt / Wrigleys - Red Rat (Greensleeves)516189
45I Don't Care - Peter Spence & Shellene Thomas (Wooligan)1125189
46Dancehall Queen - Chevelle Franklyn feat. Beenie Man (Island Jamaica)211188
47Hypocrite - Beenie Man (Xtra Large)1028184
48Bizzi Blazzi - Red Rat (Greensleeves)718179
49Gotta Get You Back / I'm Still Waiting - Neville Morrison (Fashion)921177
50Jacket - Mr. Vegas (Greensleeves)410173
51You See Me - Zebra & Mad Andrew (Greensleeves)912173
52Pure Sadom - Capleton (Penthouse)817172
53Breeze Off / Moschino & Versace - Lady G. (Greensleeves)617163
54Bag A Things - General Degree (Greensleeves)918162
55Babylon Cake - Mikey General (Xterminator)1220160
56Jah Caught Them - Capleton (Exterminator)818159
57Everywhere I Go - Mr. Vegas (Greensleeves)1220154
58To The Bone - Peter Spence (Gus Gus)421150
59The Comforter - Morgan Heritage (Penthouse)716149
60Work Dem / Strong Performer - Spragga Benz & Merciless (Greensleeves)1116148
61Dolly House Secret - Red Rat & Hawkeye (Greensleeves)812146
62Big Ninja Bike - Tanya Stephens (Greensleeves)311145
63In And Out Of Love - Keith Douglas (Ruff Cut)1520145
64I Should Have Known - Freddie MacGregor (Charm)1320140
65Bodyguard - Ghost (Monster Shack)912138
66Terri Little Putty Cat / Mad Dem Mi Dear [Demo Delgado] - Goofy (Greensleeves)1217134
67Yu Nice - Red Rat (Greensleeves)1216133
68No One Style - Mad Cobra (Greensleeves)1417132
69Have No Fear - Peter Hunnigale (Stingray)1113127
70Gimme That Feeling - Neville Morrison (Ruff Cut)1718127
71Gal Sheet - Merciless (Greensleeves)1921126
72Big Things - Glamma Kid (Mafia & Fluxy)1013125
73Jack It Up - Mr. Vegas (white)1116124
74Got It Going On - Beenie Man (Togetherness)1216121
75A Who Dem Box Down A Foreign - Merciless (Greensleeves)1718119
76Don't Leave - Don Campbell (Stingray)1111117
77One Of Them - Merciless (Greensleeves)1116115
78Mark A De Beast - Chukki Starr (Saxon)1514110
79This Feeling Of Love - Freddie McGregor (Stingray)68109
80Sorry - Barbara Napp (Ruff Cut)1113109
81Mi Sweet Her [Sweeter] - Michael Prophet (Charm)1217107
82Mr. Wannabe - Bounty Killer (Fat Eyes)1014106
83Anytime You Want War - Mad Cobra (Greensleeves)1617106
84Clump Up / Scream'n'Galong [Devonte] - Mad Cobra (Greensleeves)1816105
85Tek It Easy / She's Nobody - Buccaneer (Greensleeves)2921103
86Calling / Something Real - Roger Robin (Saxon)211698
87My Lady In Red - Tony Curtis (Greensleeves)141297
88Goody 2 Shoes - Red Rat (Greensleeves)151497
89Vex If You Waan Vex / Damn It - Hawkeye (Greensleeves)161493
90The Bambino - General Levy (Cronic)221792
91Superman (EP) - General Degree (Greensleeves)171390
92New Sign, New Time - Morgan Heritage (Digital B[VP])121189
93Not Me - Merciless (Fat Eyes)131188
94Conquer The Dragon - Beenie Man (Penthouse)121186
95Mix Up Melissa / Girls Dem Highway [Red Rat feat. Chico] - Red Rat (Greensleeves)121286
96High Grade A Do It - Roundhead (Togetherness)151286
97Bruk Me Duks - Red Rat (Greensleeves)8684
98Liberation - Morgan Heritage (Xterminator)11883
99She's The Only One - Peter Hunnigale & Don Campbell (Stingray)171183
100Go So - Devonte & Tantro Metro (Greensleeves)211483


The Number Ones Of 1998

DateWKSTitle - Act
10.01.199816*Who Am I (EP) - Beenie Man (Greensleeves)
02.05.1998 5Nah Bow - Beenie Man (Greensleeves)
06.06.1998 4Heads High / Lef Yah Now - Mr. Vegas (Juvenile/Greensleeves)
04.07.1998 6Year 4 - Beenie Man (Greensleeves)
15.08.1998 9Heads High / Lef Yah Now - Mr. Vegas (Juvenile/Greensleeves)
17.10.1998 9Can't Believe My Eyes - Bounty Killer (Xtra Large)
19.12.1998 4*First To Know - Don Ricardo (Ruff Cut)
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