Echoes Reggae Singles - Year-End - 1997

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The Top 100 Singles Of 1997

1Romie / Girls Dem Sugar - Beenie Man (Shocking Vibes)139970
2Dwayne / Wine [Ghost & Tony Curtis] / Second Place [Buccaneer] - Red Rat (Greensleeves)131801
3Danger In Your Eyes - Gregory Isaacs (Stingray)126750
4Bad Man Sonata / Man Tief Sonata - Buccaneer (Greensleeves)132713
5She's Having My Baby / Remind Me - Don Ricardo (Illegal)130697
6Moschino - Glamma Kid (Clarkey&Blakey)127664
7Fudgi - Goofy (Main Street)231607
8I Believe I Can Fly - Sanchez (Stone Love)231563
9Rumours - Freddie McGregor (Greensleeves)125554
10Share Your Love (Diggity Remixes) - Passion [Peter Hunnigale, Glamma Kid, Leroy Mafia, Dave Fluxy, Nereus Joseph] (Charm)127501
11Big Ninja Bike - Tanya Stephens (Greensleeves)118492
12Dancehall Queen - Chevelle Franklyn feat. Beenie Man (Island Jamaica)114449
13Dub Plate Chop - Top Cat (Django1)435449
14Can't Stop Now / Some More Of Your Loving [Al Campbell & Daddy Screw] - Al Campbell (Greensleeves)429415
15Slop Dem - Richie Stephens (Greensleeves)331402
16Mr. & Mrs. Lawrence - Vivian Jones / Janet Lee Davis / Roger Robin (IHM)428396
17Mr. Whoudini - Merciless (Stone Love)225395
18Shelley Ann - Red Rat (Hawkeye/Mainstreet)531378
19My Song - Richie Davis (Discotex)425363
20Reggae Ska (EP) - Freddie McGregor (Greensleeves)219349
21New Sign, New Time - Morgan Heritage (Digital B[VP])318332
22East Coast Ill Na Na EP 1 - v.a. (Greensleeves)425330
23This Game Called Love - Neville Morrison (Fashion)425326
24Mr. Charmer - Peter Spence (Wooligan)629319
25I'll Keep Loving You - Nereus Joseph (Charm)631310
26Baby To Enjoy - Merciless & Lady Shaw (Greensleeves)318306
27Oyster & Conch - Beenie Man (Shocking Vibes)525301
28Build A Better World - Luciano & Sizzla (Greensleeves)421300
29Yaw Yaw - Beenie Man (Charm[Shocking Vibes])316279
30Nobody Knows - Beenie Man (Shocking Vibes)323267
31Sneakers - Glamma Kid (Mafia&Fluxy)1024261
32Loving Is A Thing - Buju Banton (Shocking Vibes)523257
33Woman - Slim Batson (Groove&AQuarter-Charm)627252
34Fever - Top Cat & Mike Anthony (Gus Gus)826247
35Let's Go Again - Debbie Gordon (Fashion)418244
36Hold On / Little More Time - Mikey Spice / Shelene Davis (Wooligan)1130237
37Pleasure Tour - General Degree (Greensleeves)623234
38East Coast Ill Na Na EP 2 - v.a. (Greensleeves)522223
39Who You Gonna Fool - Peter Hunnigale (Boomerang)1429222
40You Are The One For Me - Robbie Valentine (Django 1)721221
41Got To Get Over You / Tonight Is The Night - Debbie Gordon (Fashion)517216
42B 4 Ever - Peter Hunnigale (Saxon)1222203
43Cartoon Party - Nico Junior (Clarkey & Blakey)516201
44Healing - Lady Saw / Beenie Man (Greensleeves)514200
45Living Dangerously - Barrington Levy / Bounty Killer (Greensleeves)211197
46Rising Up / Lava [Anthony B] - Capleton (Greensleeves)1221190
47Pray For Love / King Is Coming - Morgan Heritage (Digital B)1423190
48Bounce Along - Wayne Wonder & Spragga Benz (Greensleeves)919186
49Black Woman & Child / Love Is Divine - Sizzla (Greensleeves)512174
50Cold Hearted Fools - Dennis Brown (Stingray)1122174
51Tear Down Babylon - Sandino (MCS)917173
52Rocking Chair - Merciless & Queen Yemisi (Greensleeves)815172
53Why Baby Why - Peter Hunnigale (Riverbank)614171
54Girls Galore - Richie Stephens & General Degree (Greensleeves)1221167
55Satisfaction Guaranteed / Places In Your Heart - Robbie Valentine (Gussie P [Cousin])1123165
56Thanks & Praises / Happy Birthday - Michael Prophet / Vivian Jones (Classic Vibes)2128164
57Home To Zion - Mikey Spice (Ingredience)1321163
58Herb Fi Bun / Stand Out - Daddy Rings & Cocoa Tea (Greensleeves)1117159
59Got To Prove It - Slim Batson (Charm)1020158
60Who Am I (EP) - Beenie Man (Greensleeves)25153
61Moschino [Rm] - Glamma Kid (Clarkey&Blakey)1119151
62To The Bone - Peter Spence (Gus Gus)410149
63You Can Get It - Don Campbell (Saxon)1721149
64Touch Me, Tease Me - Vivian Jones; Glamma Kid & Frederica Tibbs (Charm)1217146
65Go Go Wine - Captain Barkey (Charm)411143
66Babylon A Listen / Unseen Blessings [Mikey General] - Sizzla (Xterminator)1922143
67Tonight - Teresa Jae (Ruff Cutt)1525140
68Angel - Frederica Tibbs (Charm)1114132
69Victim - Sandino (MCS)1215129
70Iceberg - Glamma Kid (Clarkey & Blakey)1315128
71Prophecy Revealing - Donna V. (Fashion)811126
72Fallin' In Love - Pat Kelly (Riverside)614125
73Black Is Our Colour - Mike Anthony (Gus Gus)1014122
74Special Part Of My Life - Mike Anthony (Gussie P)1818122
75Baby Don't Do It - Richie Davis (Discotex)2018120
76Heavy Rain - Tony Douglas (Ruff Cut)2621111
77(Nah Wear No) Versace - Starkey Banton (Fashion)2017109
78Bass & The Drum - Beenie Man (Shocking Vibes)2421108
79This Is The Time - Luciano (Greensleeves)1111107
80Your Secret Love - Richie Davis (Riverbank)1515106
81You Are Everything - Sanchez (Saxon)66103
82Call Me - Mike Anthony (Speng)710103
83Over You - Beres Hammond (Greensleeves)91099
84Tell Me Whe U Want - Top Cat (Django1)241897
85You Inspired Me - Frankie Paul (Saxon)241794
86Silly Habits (EP) - Peter Hunnigale (Jamming)261894
87She Left Me Crying - Nereus Joseph (Saxon)7692
88Dem Nuh Hear - Merciless / Little Hero / Action Fire (Greensleeves)261689
89Big Man / Little Yute - Goofy & Red Rat (Mainstreet)241588
90Forever Shall I Pray - Chukki Starr (Charm)271788
91Real Love - Lloyd Brown (Saxon)261682
92Maniac - Richie Stephens / General Degree (Delirius)241279
93Jah Live / This Place - Dawna Lee (MCS)171178
94Rub A Dubit - Junior Reid & Outlaw Candy (Greensleeves)271878
95Gizarda - Merciless (Charm[Stone Love)13976
96Love Don't Live Here Anymore - Bounty Killer & Robin (Greensleeves)231175
97Pet & Pamper (EP) - Mad Cobra (Greensleeves)8574
98Bring Your Loving To Me - Leroy Mafia (Cousin-GussieP)271473
99What's Love Got To Do With It - Sylvia Tella & Glamma Kid (Mafia&Fluxy-Charm)17969
100Friends - Richie Davis (Charm)201269


The Number Ones Of 1997

DateWKSTitle - Act
11.01.19974*SHARE YOUR LOVE - Passion (Charm)
08.02.19976MOSCHINO - Glamma Kid (Clarkey&Blakey)
22.03.19974RUMOURS - Freddie McGregor (Greensleeves)
19.04.19975SHE'S HAVING MY BABY - Don Ricardo (Illegal)
24.05.19975BAD MAN SONATA / MAN TIEF SONATA - Buccaneer (Greensleeves)
28.06.19976ROMIE / GIRLS DEM SUGAR - Beenie Man (Shocking Vibes)
09.08.19976DWAYNE - Red Rat (Greensleeves)
20.09.19978DANGER IN YOUR EYES - Gregory Isaacs (Stingray)
15.11.19972BIG NINJA BIKE - Tanya Stephens (Greensleeves)
29.11.19976*DANCEHALL QUEEN - Chevelle Franklyn feat. Beenie Man (Island Jamaica)
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