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Top 100 Singles 1954

CWSRPSArtist: Title (Label)
Pos.  Pts.  Wks.(HP)
1139429 (1)Doris Day: SECRET LOVE (Philips)
2124925 (1)David Whitfield: CARA MIA (Decca)
397523 (1)Kitty Kallen: LITTLE THINGS MEAN A LOT (Brunswick)
496726 (2) Obernkirchen Children's Choir: THE HAPPY WANDERER (Parlophone)
591717 (1)Eddie Calvert: OH, MEIN PAPA (Columbia)
684319 (1)Don Cornell: HOLD MY HAND (Vogue-Coral)
782018 (1)Johnnie Ray: SUCH A NIGHT (Philips)
879719 (1)Frank Sinatra: THREE COINS IN THE FOUNTAIN (Capitol)
975415 (1)The Stargazers: I SEE THE MOON (Decca)
1055014 (1)Rosemary Clooney: THIS OLE HOUSE (Philips)
1154513 (1)Vera Lynn & Frank Weir & his Saxophone: MY SON, MY SON (Decca)
1253114 (2)Nat 'King' Cole: SMILE (Capitol)
1350111 (2)Frankie Laine: BLOWING WILD (Philips)
1449815 (3)Frankie Laine: MY FRIEND (Philips)
1548515 (3)Perry Como: IDLE GOSSIP (HMV)
164587 (1)Winifred Atwell & her 'other' Piano: LET'S HAVE ANOTHER PARTY (Philips)
1744815 (3)Norman Wisdom: DON'T LAUGH AT ME ( 'CAUSE I'M A FOOL) (Columbia)
1844816 (4)Al Martino: WANTED (Capitol)
1942212 (2)Guy Mitchell: CLOUD LUCKY SEVEN (Philips)
2042114 (4)Kay Starr: CHANGING PARTNERS (Capitol)
214029 (2)David Whitfield: SANTO NATALE (Decca)
2239915 (4)Perry Como: WANTED (HMV)
2339712 (3)Billy Cotton & his Band feat. The Bandits: FRIENDS AND NEIGHBOURS (Decca)
2438211 (2)Dean Martin: THAT'S AMORE (Capitol)
2537315 (5)David Whitfield: THE BOOK (Decca)
2635613 (4)Billie Anthony: THIS OLE HOUSE (Columbia)
2732610 (4)Bonnie Lou: TENNESSEE WIG WALK (Parlophone)
2831510 (3)Frankie Laine: THE KID'S LAST FIGHT (Philips)
2929611 (4)Doris Day: IF I GIVE MY HEART TO YOU (Philips)
302909 (3)David Whitfield w. Stanley Black & his Orchestra: RAGS TO RICHES (Decca)
3129011 (3)Joan Regan: IF I GIVE MY HEART TO YOU (Decca)
3228611 (5)The Four Knights: (OH BABY MINE,) I GET SO LONELY (Capitol)
332739 (4)Billy Eckstine: NO ONE BUT YOU (MGM)
3427012 (8)Frankie Laine & The Four Lads: RAIN RAIN RAIN (Philips)
352499 (4)Alma Cogan: BELL BOTTOM BLUES (HMV)
3623710 (7)Petula Clark: THE LITTLE SHOEMAKER (Polygon)
372267 (3)Ronnie Hilton: I STILL BELIEVE (HMV)
382268 (5)Joan Regan: SOMEONE ELSE'S ROSES (Decca)
391998 (7)Max Bygraves: THE GANG THAT SANG "HEART OF MY HEART" (HMV)
401958 (7)Doris Day: THE BLACK HILLS OF DAKOTA (Philips)
421826 (2)Winifred Atwell & her 'other' Piano: LET'S HAVE A PARTY" SELECTION (Philips)
431819 (9)Frankie Laine: THERE MUST BE A REASON (Philips)
441716 (5)Frankie Laine: ANSWER ME (Philips)
451686 (4) Mantovani Orchestra: SWEDISH RHAPSODY (Decca)
471659 (12)The Crew-Cuts: SH-BOOM! (LIFE COULD BE A DREAM) (Mercury)
481594 (1)Dickie Valentine: THE FINGER OF SUSPICION (Decca)
491597 (6)Dean Martin: SWAY (Capitol)
501576 (4)Guy Mitchell: CHICKA-BOOM (Philips)
511539 (13)Eddie Fisher: I NEED YOU NOW (HMV)
521508 (10)Al Martino: THE STORY OF TINA (Capitol)
531476 (5)The Four Aces feat. Al Alberts: THREE COINS IN THE FOUNTAIN (Brunswick)
541376 (7)Ruby Murray: HEARTBEAT / HE'S A PAL OF MINE (Columbia)
551225 (7)Jos‚ Ferrer / Rosemary Clooney ##ris: c/F: WOMAN (UH-HUH) / MAN (UH-HUH) (Philips)
561225 (8)Guy Mitchell: A DIME AND A DOLLAR (Philips)
571165 (7)Ruby Wright: BIMBO (Parlophone)
581136 (11)Anthony Steel & The Radio Revellers: WEST OF ZANZIBAR (JAMBO) (Polygon)
591114 (6) Big Ben Banjo Band: LET'S GET TOGETHER (NO. 1)" MEDLEY (Columbia)
601076 (13)Alma Cogan: I CAN'T TELL A WALTZ FROM A TANGO (HMV)
61974 (7)Duke Ellington & his Orchestra: SKIN DEEP (Philips)
62914 (9)Eddie Fisher: OH MEIN PAPA ## RIS: OH MY PAPA (HMV)
63906 (15)Dean Martin: HOW DO YOU SPEAK TO AN ANGEL (Capitol)
64875 (11)Alma Cogan: LITTLE THINGS MEAN A LOT (HMV)
65864 (3)Rosemary Clooney: MAMBO ITALIANO (Philips)
66834 (10)Bill Haley & his Comets: SHAKE, RATTLE AND ROLL (Brunswick)
67795 (16)Ronnie Hilton: VENI-VIDI-VICI (HMV)
68704 (11)The Chordettes: MR. SANDMAN (Columbia)
69693 (9)Bing Crosby: CHANGING PARTNERS (Brunswick)
70683 (9)Joan Regan: RICOCHET (Decca)
71673 (9)Ted Heath Music: SKIN DEEP (Decca)
71673 (9)Guy Mitchell: THE CUFF OF MY SHIRT (Philips)
73664 (9)Dickie Valentine: MR. SANDMAN (Decca)
74594 (17)Kay Starr: AM I A TOY OR A TREASURE? (Capitol)
75583 (12)Ronnie Harris: THE STORY OF TINA (Columbia)
76472 (9)Frankie Laine: GRANADA (Philips)
77462 (9)Frank Chacksfield Orchestra: EBB TIDE ##/ WALTZING BUGLE BOY (Decca)
78442 (10)Ken Mackintosh Orchestra: THE CREEP (HMV)
79432 (11)Ted Heath Music: DRAGNET (Decca)
80362 (11)Nat 'King' Cole: MAKE HER MINE (Capitol)
81322 (15)Stan Freberg: SH-BOOM (Capitol)
82261 (8)Jo Stafford: MAKE LOVE TO ME! (Philips)
83241 (9)Diana Decker: POPPA PICCOLINO (Columbia)
84231 (10)Nat 'King' Cole: TENDERLY (Capitol)
85221 (11)Malcolm Vaughan: ISTANBUL (NOT CONSTANTINOPLE) (HMV)
85221 (11)Guy Mitchell: SIPPIN' SODA (Philips)
87211 (12)David Whitfield: ANSWER ME (Decca)
87211 (12)Glenn Miller: MOONLIGHT SERENADE (HMV)
87211 (12)The Stargazers: THE HAPPY WANDERER (Decca)
87211 (12)Frank Sinatra: YOUNG AT HEART ###V YOUNG-AT-HEART (Capitol)
91191 (14)The Four Aces feat. Al Alberts: MISTER SANDMAN (Brunswick)
92171 (16)Perry Como: PAPA LOVES MAMBO (HMV)
93161 (17)Norman Brooks: A SKY BLUE SHIRT AND A RAINBOW TIE (London)
93161 (17)Bill Haley & his Comets: (WE'RE GONNA) ROCK AROUND THE CLOCK (Brunswick)
95151 (18)Joan Regan & The Johnston Brothers: WAIT FOR ME, DARLING (Decca)
95151 (18)Bing Crosby: COUNT YOUR BLESSINGS INSTEAD OF SHEEP (Brunswick)
97141 (19)Dickie Valentine: ENDLESS (Decca)
98141 (20)Charlie Kunz: PIANO MEDLEY NO. D.114 (Decca)

Top 50 Artists 1954

'52'53Pos. Pts. No.Wks.Artist/Act
-912335559David Whitfield
4121983765Frankie Laine
91831885338Doris Day
--4975123Kitty Kallen
--5967126 Obernkirchen Children's Choir
-326917117Eddie Calvert
-87901331Perry Como
--8843119Don Cornell
14109820118Johnnie Ray
--10818220Frank Sinatra
5211790527Guy Mitchell
-2012775216The Stargazers
6-13758323Rosemary Clooney
-27146312324Dean Martin
-4415599423Joan Regan
1716598224Al Martino
7517590317Nat 'King' Cole
-4518545113Vera Lynn
201519515322Winifred Atwell
111620480218Kay Starr
--21448115Norman Wisdom
--22443320Alma Cogan
-2323397112Billy Cotton & his Band
223424364216Max Bygraves
--25356113Billie Anthony
--26326110Bonnie Lou
--27305212Ronnie Hilton
--28286111The Four Knights
--2927319Billy Eckstine
17-30270112The Four Lads
18331244213Eddie Fisher
-393223939Dickie Valentine
--33237110Petula Clark
1643416816 Mantovani Orchestra
--3516627The Four Aces feat. Al Alberts
--3616519The Crew-Cuts
--3713716Ruby Murray
--3812215Jos‚ Ferrer
--3911615Ruby Wright
--4011316Anthony Steel & The Radio Revellers
--4111114 Big Ben Banjo Band
-214211025Ted Heath Music
--439925Bill Haley & his Comets
--449714Duke Ellington & his Orchestra
342458424Bing Crosby
--467014The Chordettes
--475813Ronnie Harris
-6484612Frank Chacksfield Orchestra
--494412Ken Mackintosh Orchestra
--503212Stan Freberg
222512611Jo Stafford
-24522411Diana Decker
--532211Malcolm Vaughan
--542111Glenn Miller
--551611Norman Brooks
-26561511The Johnston Brothers
--571411Charlie Kunz

Top 10 Labels

'52'53Pos. Pts. ShareNos.Wks.Label/Company

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